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11/21/2005 9:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

morning dreamer

Soft sleep..feeling myself rise. your mouth..i awaken to your tongue..licking my nipples. they rise and harden..tighten as you suck and bite gently. feel your hardness, your warmth in the morning. your fingers seeking my wet pussy..knowing i am still full of cum from the night before. god..can i ever have enough of you, or you me? i don't i moan when i feel your lips then your teeth biting my shoulder. moving up to the curve in my neck you suck..marking me as yours. feeling your fingers pinch and twist my nipples as you trace your tongue up to my ear. your mouth on me..
you whisper.."i want to be inside of" you slide on top of me. you push my legs apart.. so wide..and spread them with your legs..your hard cock pressing against the swollen lips of my pussy. your chest against my soft breasts..hard nipples rubbing..side to side as you brush against me. your mouth finding mine..tongue tracing..slipping between my soft lips..searching for my tongue..probing..wanting more. the head of your cock rubbing my clit as you rock your hips against me. "ohhhh..god"..i gasp..feeling my belly pussy dripping now..waiting for your hardness to fill hands finding their way between my slit. my clit so hard as i rub gently
my fingers finding your cock head..precum covering the head. my fingers open my pussy lips to you, pushing up with my hips as your cock head enters me. i hear your hoarse gasp and your hands slide under my ass..pulling me up to you as you enter me in one deep thrust..all the way to the base of your hard cock. i contract around you..cumming as you enter me.."uhhhh..god baby"..i i meet your hard thrusts..wanting more. i feel your fingers digging into my ass as you push deep..circling your hips then moving side to side..your cock finding every part of my pussy. your hardness fills me..pushing my core..hard against my cervix..rubbing..thrusting..your hips grinding..i feel your balls so full and and tight against my ass as you plunge so deep. you shift your hands and put your arms under my thighs..lifting my legs up over your shoulders. pulling your cock out to the head you look down at me..your blue eyes locked on mine.."what do you want baby??"
you hips thrusting up..trying to draw you back inside of my waiting pussy.."you...your cock" i moan.."give me your cock..fuck me baby..hard"... hearing me say it, wanting it, you push in so deep. my hands find your ass and i dig in with my nails..pulling you into me as you begin to plunge deeper..fucking me hard now. you push my legs higher as you find my core..stroking faster
."uhhhh..cum with me..cum with me baby" you urge. i feel your cock starting to spasm as you fill me with your thick, hot pussy clinches tight as i begin to lose myself in my orgasm..covering your hard cock with my sweet cum..pushing hard against you..each time my clit making contact against your rough pubic hair..i cum..again and again. you move deep and sure..knowing my body..feeling the spasms deep within..slowing as they lessen..letting my legs slip down from your shoulders. your hands coming up to stroke my hair from my face..your lips brushing against me..kissing my cheeks..forehead.
"mmmm..good morning baby" you press your mouth to mine...i answer with a smile..feeling our juices seeping out of me as we gently rock together..i love the mornings and you my sexy man

wiscbob3 67M

11/21/2005 9:56 am

Very erotic piece of literature, happylips ! Quite impressive !
Would love to be there with you in the morning !

GadusMassyNifty 77M
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12/1/2005 3:28 pm

Happy. What a great piece of prose. Do you realize that very few people have the ability to express themselves as you just did? Very impressive. Hell, I think I'm falling in love with your mind and your body can just come in 2nd! LOL. You sure have a winning combination!

happylips2005 74F

12/15/2005 1:48 am


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