longing for my man once more  

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2/27/2006 8:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

longing for my man once more

you slid your hands down my sides, and to my thighs, first along the outsides, tracing my soft legs, and then to my inner thighs, caressing up to the crotch of those white lace panties. you leaned in close, making me coo sweetly as your lips pressed against my covered labia through that warm, heavily scented fabric, already moist with my longing. For a while, you continued to caress my inner thighs, kissing me through my panties, before your fingers hooked either side of the crotch of my panties, through the legs, and you began to draw them down. he smiled worshippingly as he revealed my lovely, trimmed mound, my labia already parted like the petals of a watered rose from his attentions through soft fabric. He slid the panties all the way off, and i spread my legs invitingly, still holding my breasts, my bated breathing a lot faster now.

you pressed your tongue between those petals, and tasted my devine folds eagerly, making me squirm, my hands moving quickly to my lovers head, playing through your hair. i gasped out loudly, and trembled, as you worked your tongue rapidly back and forth over my burning clitoris. On occasion, you dipped your tongue deep, forcing a loud, low moan from me. The silence was over, but there were no words exchanged. Pleasure was the only sound. I softly panted, MY heart pounding rapidly as MY lover finally moved his now wet mouth from my sexy pussy He licked his lips seductively, and crawled on all fours over me and brought his now sex-tainted lips to mine and I kissed back easily, bringing MY legs around his hips, and drawing him down. I was ready. I was more than ready, as MY love and lust burned equally, a wildfire through MY body, spreading to his, as he slid forward on top of ME, and felt his manhood embraced in the wet, tight walls of MY feminine treasure. YOU released a shuddering groan, and kissed along my neck, as your hips began to slide slowly back and forth, your taking your time and savoring the pleasure of your Lover's love and eternal promise.

MY tight walls stroked YOU as eagerly as I released soft, needy moans of pleasure, ever increasing in their frequency and pitch. Faster and more heavily WE shared each other, body upon body, flesh upon flesh, lover hugging lover tightly, as your hips began to thump softly against mine, our love slipping to lust and desire, for the moment, where it belonged in this truly intimate time. Hearts beating rapidly, fueling the fires of our passion with boiling blood of desire, we moved together, cries of delight, excitement, grunts of pleasure, the only sounds. I looked into my lover's eyes, slowly tilting my head back, closing my eyes tightly, letting go a moment, and gripping the sides of the bed,an screaming out with such force an passion,,

It was time. I could not hold back anymore i wanted your mouth on my wet pussy now,, MY body clenched around your thick tongue pistoning and licking an sucking my pussy devouring me,,im becoming much wetter very quickly, as I peaked with a paradise cry of satisfaction. you consume me,, YOU held ME tight, grunting, letting me know your enjoying me,, your moving faster as I squealed in intensity of sensation, leting you know my orgasum is takeing me to a new high a place ive never never been before now,, i rest brefiely before I work my majic tougue on your manhood,,YOU arched YOUR back, both hands on my head, caressing my hair, pressing your manhood deeper into my througt as you felt a shock of fire through your body, and your essence expanded hotly inside MY WANTING MOUTH

Your heavy, thick seed spreading deep inside my mouth, flowing into my consuming mouth. you then calmed slowly, trembling from the power of your release, and the emotions that were washing over you. Your heart pounded, and we were both out of breath once again we rest an embrace an remember.

excitemenow55 61M
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2/27/2006 9:21 am


sorry for the lack of words to match your eloquent and lustfull description of a most wonderful time just expereinced. Now out of breath, need to rest and embrace gently remmebering this moment, to regain the energy to live again.

funkentjay1 55M

3/28/2006 5:42 am

What an incredible woman such a way with words. Leaves me longing for more mmm kent thanks

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