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"Put your finger right there...ahhh yesss, that's it" she sighed and her body trembled from his gentle touch,his face was filled with intense concentration as he smilled at her,amazed at the pleasure he could give her.That one small piece of her anatomy fascinated him.

"You're so wet baby " his breath caressed her inner thigh,he was that close.He looked up into her eyes,showing her the hunger that was building.His flushed skin and half-closed eyes,the slight parting of his lips as his fingers lightly brushed her most sensitive spots.

"Yes,wet and hot,you do that to me baby " she whispered huskily " I love to feel your clit, it's tiny but hard, just like Flipper" he murmured.They were silent for a moment and then both of them realized what he had said and began to laugh.

"Not so tiny, but so hard " she giggled..then gasped,as he leaned forward and with the flat of his tongue,licked her.Her pussy lips parted beneath his tongue and he caught her clit in a long luxurious stroke,fingers clawed at his shoulders and her hips rose,pressing her sex against his face.

"Tastes good, hold still i want more" he whispered....again,his tongue licked her pussy,tasting her juices.Using both hands,he spread her wide,a finger on each side opened her from side to side,he inserted his tongue drinking her in.

"Please, oh yes, there" she cried when he sucked her lips between his,her climb to orgasm was fast and totally controlled by him,not exactly how she'd planned it,but planning with him was always chancy at best, one way or another he always managed to surprise her.

Her legs spread wide then wrapped around his shoulders,pulling him closer.She held her breath,desperately wanting,and he supplied just the right stimulation with his teeth and tongue gently nibbling on her swollen lips,then sucking hard as his fingers drove into her.His mouth filled with the essence of her pleasure as she cried out and climaxed.Her pussy muscles clenching spasmodically around his fingers as he continued his oral labour.

Time stood still for them...pleasure given and received in an glow of passion shared.He wrapped his strong arms around her thighs to hold her in place while he drank deeply of her,his pleasure was hers for now and he would have it no other way.As her body lost its tenseness and her breathing resumed he loosened his grip,but refused to release her from his hold.Tenderly,with long languid strokes he cleansed her,savouring the juices that still trickled from between her pink silk folds.

Lying back,she caressed his shoulders and face as he drew the last taste of her into his eager mouth."I was trying to show you something baby "she managed to speak out finally.He looked up past her trimmed soft pubes and with her liquor still coating his face,grinned mischievously.

"Huh?You want to start again, I'll try to behave this time" his soft voice gave her the impression that he'd do anything but behave....as usual....teasing had become a way of life for them,she smirked remembering their first months before they got together...

"Come on Andy, put your fingers where i told you" she said firmly.He complied and placed his finger beside her clit,very gently this time,knowing she'd be tender.He rubbed up and down the tiny head and felt it throb against the tip of his finger. "Mmmmm i want to lick u again,but i'll behave,for now",his breath felt hot as it brushed her thighs."I know you do,but just don't,not yet and besides it's my turn " he glanced up at her and saw the grin brightening her flushed face.

"Yes baby" he replied but then,he leaned forward and delivered one soft slurp before his behaving began."You just can't behave can you?" she giggled.Her hips pushed forward in answer to his teasing tongue,but then she settled back and tried to relax."Now push down...carefully! Take the hood and push it back so my clit pokes out,and you behave or i'll be grabbing ur ears and pulling" she warned.

He gently pressed downward exposing the pearl-like head of her clit.His eyes seemed glued to it,and he waited expectantly for her to tell him what he was to do next." You're going to have to be really careful now,if u hadn't got carried away before it would be different.Touch the tip with you tongue,make sure it's really wet first though" she tensed,expecting his tongue to be too harsh but it was perfect.The lightest of caresses,just the tip of his wetted tongue and she relaxed into his care."Ah, yes,you have it,now twirl around the tip and push the hood back with your tongue".

Her legs fell apart,knees sagging almost to the bed on either side of her body, allowing him complete access to her pussy.His tongue circled the tiny rose coloured pearl,delicately toying with it,with delicate touches he drew her on, closer and closer to another orgasm..."God,yesssss "her voice was almost unrecognisable in its harshness,but by now he knew her well and did exactly as she desired.His saliva and her juices mingled,and then trickled downward,she felt it entering the crack of her ass and his fingers followed.

"Suck my clit,just the very tip of it" her back arched as his lips settled into place.His lips were wet and he sucked so softly that she couldn't speak,lost in a private world of pleasure.He slid his tongue along the hood of her clit and then inside her.She clenched on his tongue,uncontrollable spasms shook her.

Her anus tightened...contracting against his fingertip,he darted back and licked her there,then swiftly returned to her throbbing clit.She growled with lust as he sucked her clit into his mouth once more."Please, more…yes" she sobbed and he thrust his tongue into her as deeply as he could.His lip rubbed against her clit and just when she thought she couldn't stand any more, he pressed a finger against her anus,clenching, then relaxing her sphincter,she allowed his finger to enter,taking her one step closer to a shattering climax.

Her hips moved,jerking wildly towards him as he entered her slowly,gently thrusting and twisting his finger,knuckle deep he stopped, giving her time to adjust to the penetration,then moved on, pulling out,then slipping back inside a little deeper,she lost control and cried out as she climaxed again.

Soaring in ecstasy, sight gone,her body tingled as her thighs tightened around his face,without thought,she held him where she needed him.Sweet juices filled his mouth and he lunged ahead,desperately seeking its source,wanting more.Her spasms gripped his tongue tighter than he thought possible and then lessened as her climax slowly faded to its end.He covered her with licks and kisses,trying to prolong her peak for as long as he could till finally her thighs relaxed enough so that he could hear and move freely,his face covered in the wetness of her.

As she lay back,eyes shut,momentarily exhausted,trying to regain her breath he gazed up at her sweat-slick form,her face flushed and her mouth semi opened.The ache of his own lust had waited,but was fast becoming an urgent need, his throbbing cock pressed against the bedding and he groaned.

Opening her eyes,she smiled and reached for him.His erection dragged against her leg as he rose and she felt the wet trail it left in its way."Now it's time to please Flipper,come here, i need him in my mouth" he needed no further urging and was as her side in seconds.His inner thighs pressed against the soft outer curve of her breasts and his erection pointing towards her mouth,lifting her head,she stuck her tongue out and managed to lick the tip,taking the first taste of pre-cum eagerly.She rolled it around in her mouth,savouring it, and licked him again.He gasped each time she slid her tongue over him,his erection throbbing wildly against her tongue.

"Lean forward baby,on your hands and knees over me" she requested.He trembled with lust and as her hands wrapped around his thighs and she felt his muscles tense."I'm going to cum if you don't watch it, i'm close" his normally calm voice was coarse with passion."Mmmmm,yes i know,i can see how close you are" her mouth opened wide and she took the head of his erection inside.Her lips closed firmly around the rim and held him in place while her tongue flicked over the nerve filled head.Her hands gripped his bottom holding him where she desired while her mouth did its magic on him.

His hips moved uncontrollably and she stroked down the back of his thighs,then back to the curve of his ass taking his erection deeper inside her eager mouth... she allowed her teeth to graze the rim,then sucked him slowly in.He moaned louder and she knew he couldn't hold on much longer.She swallowed around him, his salty juices flowing freely as he neared his orgasm.

"Yeah, do it… suck me baby,Oh God, i’m close" He babbled,trying desperately to keep from shooting,wanting to stay right where he was forever.He closed his eyes and focused on the sensation of what she was doing to him not wanting to miss or lose the memory of one instant,as he climbed towards exploding.

As his cock touched the back of her throat she thought she'd gag,but after a moment she swallowed and he rewarded her with a deep groan.His erection pulsed and with gentle pressure,she encouraged him to move,to sway,and thrust while she sucked him.His rhythm was jerky,but soon enough he smoothed it and continually moaned a guttural sob,his testicles tightened, ready to shoot their hot load and she ached to taste it.

With the gentlest of pressure, she teased his anus,the soft muscle clenched under her fingers, but not penetrating just circling and teasing,her mouth filled with him as his erection swelled even more.His explosion came as she plunged the tip of her tongue in his cum hole.She gulped him down,his cream coated her throat with hot sticky spurts of semen.She swallowed all that he had to give and licked him clean while he remained over her.

His erection subsided and his testicles empty of their cargo relaxed,resting against her chin,releasing his spent cock,she moved to them and gently nibbled first one then the other.He reached down and caressed her face and still gasping for breath said "Come here baby,i need to kiss you" a moment later they were in each other's arms,lips and tongues tasting, their bodies entwined.They slept like that,holding each other,waking occasionally during the night and feeling the other's presence,then falling back into a sleep that would be broken by more lovemaking when one or the other was rested enough

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2/20/2006 11:43 pm

happylips2005, your articles are soooo wonderfull and your pics are the best ones I know. I would like to love you. I write you more, later.
Kisses on your pussy. I lick ypir clit.

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happylips2005, you write beautifully which is consistant with your pictures and profile. How I wish that I could be the character in your writing next time in Phoenix. I honour your body.

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2/22/2006 1:56 pm

WOW - That is so so hot.

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