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12/24/2005 1:14 am

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I kept staring at YOUR cock. I was surprised that you were completely bald. Not a hair to be found. I had never seen a guy with his cock and balls shaved. YOU said touch my shaved area. I had such a nice soft touch, grabbing your balls and feeling how smooth they were. Then i touched your cock, and it jumped. you told me how being shaved made your cock and balls more sensitive. I started stroking the shaft up and down, nice slow long strokes. YOUR cock started pulsing and drops of precum came dribbling out. I touched the precum and used it to lubricate the underside of YOUR cock. Then I put my mouth closer and closer. Your cock was trembling in anticipation. More precum came out.

I Stuck MY tongue out, looked up at you and licked the tip. Your cock shuddered. I licked your cock head concentrating on the underside of the cock, and slowly started putting it in further into my mouth. Oh, yes my mouth felt so warm, so wet, so Sexy my tongue applying pressure underneath your cock as it went in. This was ecstasy. You didn’t want it to stop. you wanted it to go on forever. you tried to maintain control. Each time you squeezed your muscles, more precum came out. I opened my eyes and looked up at you and saw this handsome man looking into my eyes,, me sucking on your cock, smiling. You knew i was enjoying it. I then started bobbing UP and DOWN. You couldn’t take it. you warned me that you were going to shoot your load. you told me that this was the best blowjob ever. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to hear you say that,, but instead I got something I never had. expexted a mind blowing orgasum I was thinking; my man would never do this to me you would not even try. What did I do to deserve this? How did I get such a sexGod as you,, to suck my pussy like you do,,the way you do,, you kept licking and sucking my pussy lips pulling my clit deeper and deeper into your mouth till i screamed with such delight,, i sent my juices all over your face,,

I was experiencing all these new sensations. I just couldn’t handle it. your cock was so hard an erect "I'm going to cum you shouted I'm going to cum, I can't hold it any more". Just as you started I put your cock real deep in MY mouth. It just shot out. Glob after glob. YOU were having the most intense orgasm ever. YOUR whole body stiffened up. I tried to control my moans as i sucked. It must have lasted a full minute. I swallowed every drop and continued sucking until your cock started going limp. I licked it clean, grabbed a towel, and wiped YOU dry. YOU offered to return and I said next time.mmm OH MY I can not wait until the next time sexy man

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1/4/2006 1:16 pm

What a lucky guy, only hope I can be that fortunate with you soon. No confirmed ID so can't email you. Sent you a message and hope you get it ok. Just dying to suck and lick that pussy.

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