the last time  

happyhardon29 41M
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3/9/2006 7:47 pm
the last time

I got the room and was waiting for her to show up at my door. We were supposed to have gotten together at 12 but it was now 2 and she was just now coming up the elevator. Of course, women are never on time, that is a scientific fact but as I stood there in the motel room doorway listening to for her footsteps and stroking my cock that was out of my pants.
At last a knock at the door and I answer it to this stunning dark skinned amazon. Beautiful and curvy she walks in the room, I lock the door and give her a hug. We don't stop there though, she was obviuosly as excited as I was. "No point waiting around" she coos and starts unbutton and taking off clothing. I start sucking on her dark nipples, biting them because that is what she likes. I kiss her lips and are tongues meet, she is a great kisser and I feel her hands going into my boxers, pulling out my cock. We get naked and lay on the bed, I lick my way down to her hot wet pussy, tasting her, fingering her, sucking her clit, I want her to cum for me, that is what I want more than anything at the moment. I get what I wanted. Angel wants to return the favor and starts sucking on my cock, to say that it had been a long time since anyone sucked my cock that well is a understatement. She went at it, sucking it, tonguing the tip, licking the shaft, just thinking about her lips makes my cock twitch even now. I was so close to coming but she stopped just short of that. Which really isn't her fault, it usually takes me forever to cum.
The oral was good, the fucking was out of this world. I haven't actually fucked anyone this wildly for years, and we were both into it. I was slapping her ass, pulling her hair, biting her, oh my God, that was the sweetest pussy, tightest pussy I had had in forever. And she could talk some shit, we both did. I fucked her as hard as I could, missionary, her on top, doggie, we fucked. We got sweaty and stopped for awhile and fucked some more. I came 3 times in 4 hours, amazing. If she hadn't had to go back to work we would have fucked all night, no doubt, she was that hot. These words don't even describe the satisfaction. I still masturbate thinking about Angel sometimes. All I can say is, ready for round 2.

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