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10/1/2005 7:08 pm

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birthday girl

Two years ago a freind that I was lusting over had a birthday. The whole gang of us went out and got pretty trashed, it was a good time. We all agreed it was best to stay somewhere instead of driving so I climbed into this big bed fully clothed ready to pass out and prepare for the hangover that I knew would be there waiting the next day.
As I lay there the bday came in and crawled into the bed next with me. This wasn't unusual because, we'd passed out together many time, except this time she was wearing just panties. She turned her back to me and grabbed my hands and said "up here, up here" placing my hands on here breasts. I knew it was on. I pinched her nipples and ran my hands all over her incredible body. I started kissing her neck and turned her over and started in on her breasts. Using my hands, I went to work on her wet pussy. I started kissing her mouth and started my descent again, this time toward her twat. I pulled the panties off and started kissing her legs, then her thighs, finally licking her pussy, slow at first, getting closer to the clit but taking my time and teasing her. I finally parted her lips and started tongueing her hole. She came in no time. That was once, I got her off six or seven more times with my tongue and fingers. She sucked my cock for a while but we never did fuck, for some reason I was thinking it was her night, I will get her off without the use of my cock. What was I thinking? I never did get another chance. That is no way to end a story but its the truth.

tamethytension 54M
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10/1/2005 10:10 pm

Yeah, been there done that. And I imagine a few more men can say the same. And yes, at the time I found myself experiencing a little regret at a "missed opportunity". Until of course, I realize that I had made a conscious decision to be there for her. And while that was perhaps the last opportunity with that person, I know there will be other nights, other affairs. And because of that selfless moment, I understood a bit more of myself, a test of my character, that in the long run will keep me in good stead. For there will be moments where you will find yourself again with a woman where it will be entirely necessary to be completely giving. And rather question whether you can be that man, you will be in the envious position of knowing that you are.

Trust me, you will not regret the choice you made.



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