Sunday Triste  

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5/1/2005 3:20 pm

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Sunday Triste

J used to call me just about every Sunday around this time looking for a good fuck. I never believed myself a good lay but every girl that I have ever dated has always seemed to call me up months later for sex. Women that had already moved on to other relationships or even marriage. I'm no stud but in my youth I could hold off my orgasm for a very long time, sometimes I didn't even want to cum,it was more fun giving the pleaure. I seemed to have grown more selfish in my old age when it come to that and I also seem to have gotten off subject.
J would call and I would meet her, sometimes we had a bed, most times we fucked in a vehicle and if the weather permitted, outside on a sleeping bag. She had the most marvelous breasts, even after she had two children they seemed only to get bigger not saggy. I could never keep my hands off them or my lips or my penis from inbetween, they were beautiful. Most of all I loved to cum on them. Our session always seemed to start the same, we would make out, she would pull out my cock and say, "What do you want me to do with that?" Which I would reply "Suck it."

J is happily married now. She has children and a good husband and doesn't call anymore. But I know that sometimes she remembers me, and the things that we did, and has to smile.

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