Long day, fun night  

happygirlyo 32F
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8/29/2006 1:56 pm
Long day, fun night

So I thought yeasterday was a long day that would never end, nope today was much longer and more blahhh. It seemed like everyone I work with had the worst day ever today, so I get to deal with depressed moppy people with drama, alwhile doing busy work cause our computer system is down so I cant actually do my real job. Oh well I tried to stay positive and just relize tonight would be fun. I get to hit up the town with one of my best friends and cause a sceen, well not really we maybe a couple of crazy girls but we are low key, well low key most of the time we defintly have our crazy fun times. Okay note to self do not dwell on other peoples crappy stories just think of all the fun you are having. I get to leave work in 5 mins, booo yeah. Did I just say booo yeah oh well I can go back to jr high lingo now and again. Way to be random right all you people who read this will probably just be like what crack is she smoking and I get to just think to myself haha none thats really just my randomness when I am board out of my mind.

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