Was that a pickup line?  

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2/22/2006 7:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Was that a pickup line?

I will start by saying I have never done the bar scene. I know what some may say, "What a sheltered life". At the age when I could start frequenting them I was too busy, working, going to college, lived at home. And in retrospect I think I may have already figured out that I didn't handle alcohol all that well. When I did finally make it to a bar, it was a hole in the wall after work kind of place. I rarely went alone, I was peer pressured by a bunch of landscapers I worked with at the time. So even then I never really experienced the whole pick up thing. So having explained all that I can honestly say I find pick up lines amusing. It might be one of the many reasons I (and occasionally hubby) indulge in the whole online thing. So last night with my webcam on someone took the opportunity to share with me the following: "You're the reason I love Ohio". Simple,straight forward, I like that. So now after last night I could choose to sit hear and bitch and complain about AdultFriendFinder and some of the retarded people that cross my path, but I won't. I choose amusement and ask that if you're still reading this, and of course if you want to (posting will never be a requirement here, but that's probably a whole different blog)- indulge me in some pick up lines. Ones you've used? Ones you've heard? Ones you always wanted to say, but didn't? Ones you might saving for just the right time? I know that they are out there so indulge me, educate me, amuse me.

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2/23/2006 6:59 pm

So, are you engaged engaged, or would you like to go out? (lol, I used it, and it worked) hehe.
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