My first dabblings in pornographic fiction  

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5/31/2006 9:56 am

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My first dabblings in pornographic fiction

Well hello all. I am trying to articulate my imagination with erotic/pronographic writings. These my help show all the ladies out there my passions and desires (maybe one close by will drop me a line and act some out)

Anyway without much ado, here is my first foray, I have sent this story to some people on the site and the feedback was pleasing.


The Lift... Part1

"We are in the lobby of a large hotel, it is fairly late in the evening and we have recently met and chatted a bit. The lift arrives and there are a couple of business men waiting with us, as the doors open I take your hand and lead to into the lift and stand against the back wall with you and the business men enter. We ask for the top floor and the doors close. Just as it starts to move, I slide my hand slowly up your skirt/dress from the back and start to stroke your thighs and bum, very gently, feeling the silky material as it is stretched over your sex mound, the warmth and dampness evident. It use my finger tip to press firmer, separating your swollen lips through the material, you shift your legs slightly and groan ever so slightly but enough for the guys to hear, they look around and I smile at them, your eyes are closed. We are only on the 3rd floor so far and they need to get off at the 8th. I continue, driving my finger forward and touching the tip of your clitoris and then back to the rosebud of your anus and repeat this, my finger now wet from your juices that have soaked your g-string. You are biting your lip and moaning with delight, the businessmen want to get out the lift, but also would love to watch, they are embarrassed. We are at the 6 th floor and I now move the gusset of your string to the side and insert my finger into your tight, hot, wet hole and start to fuck you with it, my knuckle rubbing your anus at the same time. Your knees start to shake and it is now very obvious what we are doing. The suited men dare not look around but they use the mirrors to see you. The 8th floor, the lift stops with a jolt, bringing you somewhat to your senses, the doors open and out get the gentlemen, turning to look and smile at you, seeing my hand up your skirt from behind, you give them a coy smile and I just look at them. As the doors close you turn to me, I move my hand to the front and feel your mount again as you lift your hear and we kiss very deeply, your hand on my hard, erect cock through my trousers. We are continuing up to the 12th floor, hands on each other, touching and feeling, kissing, biting and sucking, we do not notice the lift stopping, the doors opening and closing again, we are too caught up. You shift your hand to the inside of my trousers, drawing a deep sigh from within me, firmly grasping the shaft and then using your fingers to tickly my shaven balls. My hand is behind you, one finger deep in your sopping wet pussy, another rubbing your wet anus, gently probing it lightly. You undo my trousers and release my stiff cock and then go down onto your knees. You look up into my eyes as you slowly engulf my tip in your warm mouth, sucking me in, hands on my thighs for support, the lift has started to move down now. You continue to look up at me as you glide my cock into your mouth, taking nearly the full length back into your throat, pulling out again and then back in, your saliva is glistening on it. You keep doing this as the lift descends, we could get caught at any time but we do not care, you are intent on showing me how good you can suck cock and damn everybody else..."

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