What Will i do to you Part 3  

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5/27/2006 8:18 am
What Will i do to you Part 3

While I am drying off, and putting my red lace bra and panties on. I want you to undress and go lie down in our bed and wait for me. I want you lying with your arms above your head and your legs spread wide apart. Do you understand? "Yes Mistress", you reply. Good, now go and do as I have instructed you My pet. I dry off and get dressed. When I walk into our bedroom you are as I instructed you to be...this pleases Me. I walk to the end of our bed where I can have a better view of you. I admire your sexy body...your breast, the curves of your hips, your well trimmed pussy. I can't help but smile as I look at you.

"You look absolutely beautiful My pet". I could stand here and gaze upon you for hours. A smile crosses your face as I hear you say "Thank you Mistress". You have done everything that I have instructed you to do so far, I can see that your pussy is dripping wet and ready for Me. It is SO wet that your scent is beginning to fill the room. I walk over to the side of the bed, and kiss you on your forehead to show you how pleased I am with you. I ask..."Are you comfortable My pet"? Yes, I am Mistress. I turn and walk away, over to where I keep "My things". I hear you catch your breath when you realize what I have...soft leather restraints.

I walk to the end of our bed, I grab your left ankle and tie it down. I repeat this process for your right ankle and both your arms. I return to the end of our bed to admire My "work". There you lie before me...completely spread eagle. I can see that your pussy is wetter now then it was before. Again, I return to where I keep "My things". This time I have a silk blindfold. I walk over to the side of the bed...I can't help but smile at you as I hear your breath quickening and can see the quick rise and fall of your breast. I know what visual stimulation does for you...therefore I know the anticipation that goes with depriving you of this. I ask you to raise your head for Me, as I place the blindfold across your eyes and tie it around the back of your soft blonde hair. "That's not too tight My pet" I ask. No Mistress, thank You for asking, you reply.

I take a moment to admire My "handy" work. I can see your juices flowing out of your pussy and down to your ass. I can tell that you are straining to hear where I am. Your breathing is much quicker now. The anticipation of what I might do to you next, has you both excited and tenative. You trust me completely though. You know that I am a loving Mistress, and only want to bring you immense pleasure. This is really all about you and less to do with Me. You ultimately have the power and not I. I understand this...totally. That is why it makes me SO wet when you submit to Me.

I walk over to the side of the bed..."kiss Me, my fuck toy". I lean down to where my lips are barely touching yours. You raise your head off the bed and meet my lips with a wet, deep, hungry, passionate kiss. We continue this "dance" for a few minutes, when I finally pull back. I reach down and begin to run My hands all over your body. Feeling the softness of your skin. I can feel how wet I am between My own legs. I lean down to where you can feel My breath on your nipple. I can hear and see you catch your breath. Your nipples are rock hard already. Your breathing has quickened yet again. I pause for a moment, letting you feel My breath on your nipple. Then, I take your hard nipple into my warm, soft mouth. I begin to suckle on it, flicking my tongue over it. A gasp escapes your lips. "Mmmmmmm" I hear you say.

I then begin licking and kissing My way down your stomach. I can "feel" your muscles tightening. I lick and kiss the top of your thighs and work My way into your inner thighs. I can see your juices literally flowing out of your sloppy wet pussy. Your scent has completely filled the room now. As I approach your dripping wet pussy with my mouth, I stop just far enough away for you to feel My breath on it. Before you can even stop yourself I hear you moan..."Oh Mistress". Don't cum until I tell you too my fuck slave, I demand. You say nothing at first. I SAID, don't cum until I tell you too! "Yes Mistress" you whisper. I can see how rock hard and engorged your clit has become. I lean in a little closer...

To be continued...

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