Ode To AFF part 3....  

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12/4/2005 8:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ode To AFF part 3....

The evening was cold
Stories were told
Dimples had me sold
I chose to be bold....

As he left to take a piss
I stopped him for a kiss
He knew he didn't miss
Because my face read "bliss"....

We walked to the car
To go to a sports bar
And he hit far below par

Did you catch that?
We started our stats
When he stroked my kitty cat
My toes curled on the mat
I no longer sat flat
But arched towards the pat
And boy did I love 'dat

And so our adventure began
and all night the sparks ran
I can vouch he's all man
At times I needed a fan
Modesty was ban....

Oh my god!
His fucking rod!
His touch on my bod...

He found the key
And rendered me with number 3
As I griped the tree
Me became We
and I moaned with glee...

To be continued....
Check the comments section in a few days to read his response to all of yall asking "Is she real" and his version of our first encounter...

rm_WalTour007 46M

12/5/2005 8:51 am

WOW...Hello my name is Pete...Is she REAL...Never met anyone more real...more down to earth...she is the REAL DEAL...I had an amazing time with an amazing woman...
This date seemed more like a dream...a fantasy that was played out...I can not wait to see her again...I will write more later!

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