Just Can't Hide Satisfaction!  

happy4u242 45
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12/9/2005 11:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just Can't Hide Satisfaction!

I can't possibly hide
As my face is your guide
I'm filled with orgasm pride
Already planning my next ride!
When he spreads my legs wide,
I loose control like the tide
Then go limp like I died.

Like muscles unused..
Then forced into action..
My kitty burns
With complete satisfaction!

Ummm hey you!
I still wanna play!
Maybe later I'll pray
Right now I NEED a lay!
But you couldn't stay.
What's that you say?
Your on your way?
I won't lie,
There's so much I want to try
Because I'm no longer shy.
We both know I’ll never be dry
Now that you've gone and woken my pie.

Wickednshameless 38M
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12/10/2005 12:18 am

Nice. Here's one from the history books, by the same author as "gather ye rosebuds while ye may" can't remember his name, and I make no promises about exact punctuation since I'm going from memory:

The Vine

I dreamt this mortal part of mine
was metamorphos'd to a vine,
which crawling one and every way
enthralled my dainty Lucia.
Me dreamt her long small legs and thighs
I with my tendrils did surprise.
Her belly, buttocks, and her waist
by my soft nervlets were embraced.
About her head I writhing hung,
and with rich clusters hid among
the leaves, her temples I behung,
so that my Lucia seemed to me
young Bacchus ravished by his tree.
My curls about her neck did crawl,
and arms and hands they did enthrall,
so that she could not freely stir:
all parts there made one prisoner.
But when I crept with leaves to hide
those parts which maidens keep unspied,
such fleeting pleasure there I took,
that with the fancy I awook
and found, ah me, this flesh of mine
more like a stalk than like a vine.

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