'Ode To Men Who Can Fuck!  

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12/10/2005 3:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

'Ode To Men Who Can Fuck!

To the men who can fuck
And give the clit a good suck
Those that build her up, just so she was stuck
Begging and pleading until the orgasm struck
Leaving her amazed by the emotions he was able to pluck
Those that have the stamina to fuck, like a 16 yr old buck
These men have a gift it’s not just luck.
They’ll never hear the words “this sex was YUCK”
You’ll be rendered speechless, like you were hit by a truck.
Then he’ll cover you up and give you a tuck

These guys with so much style
Deserve your biggest smile
Not a woman who’s vile
Or try’s to change his dial
Respect when he goes that extra mile
Appreciate it’s not like laying tile
Or opening up a yellow file

So if he knows how to fuck your pile
Show appreciation and give that big smile!

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