stuff or umm never mind just insane jibresh  

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11/22/2005 3:44 pm

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stuff or umm never mind just insane jibresh

just a little rant all is quiet on the front looking for my jello i have no idea where my jello is ii think i lost it but that doesent make sence

if you have some jello you can spare please send it my way i dont care what flavor it is as long as it is real jello and not the imation stuff
ahhh i hate imation stuff why dont they just make there own stuff and stop imatating other peoples stuff like imatian popcorn ahhh

i remember the big popcorn mechieans the ones that pop and smell so good and there is some attendent in a unifourm handing it out thoas nice cute uniforms i i remember one time i saw such a sexy lady in one of thoas uniforms i think it was a police uniform

ohh the police really impress my other then the dirty ones welll i still like them but in a different way but you really have to hand it to the police and the job they do its not an easy job really hard stuff

speaking of stuff i really could use a secret recipe for stuffing i think my turkey is lacking that it always turns out soo jucey and people llove it but it's stuffing is on the lacking that wonderfull taste

hummm on the topic of taste i dont know why woman have a hard time beleving the way there pussy tastes i really enjot them all i mean other than when they have a yeast infection i still enjoy it but not the taste so much

speaking of yeast i was making some home made pizza and i put too much yeast into the dough mix and wow my pizza turned out like a massive pizza loaf of thich bread it must have bean at least 4 inches thick

i remember the last time we got 4 inches of snow at once it was creat went out and made some snow men big white balls and a cuecumber nose

ahh cuecumbers dont get me started thoas things can be a real pain in the ass litarly unless it is a english cuecumber

i like the english and everyone pritty much for that matter.

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