Another day  

happy2surveUslav 39M
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11/16/2005 7:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another day

Well it is another day the sun is up though hidden behind clouds it is cold and windy and snow is on the possible horizon.
How is everyone today is the weather so potentially dismal where you dwell I do look forward to the snow as it covers the man made obstructions from my view.
My hopeful prospects are up to two though I have doubts that one of them is not offering a finances service and not a mutual encounter but we will see I am still hopeful.
I had to clean out one of my servers today the darn thing got a e-mail virus and it was discrediting my clients ahhh so much fun.
Hummm does anyone want a web site I make adult ones as a hobby and business ones full time.
Humm I think I’m going no where fast with my blog today so I will go back to reading others creative input.

fun4usfun4u2005 43M/42F

11/16/2005 11:41 am

Sunny and around 59 here on the No-California coast. Wish that it would snow here but we are right on the coast so it will never happen.
We were moving along with our blog until we started to get caught up in the holidays.

happy2surveUslav 39M

11/16/2005 2:29 pm

mmm i love warm weather and really hot weather too
i do still enjoy the snow i certnly did not like the extream low temptures last year but ahhh well.
maybe i can mail you some snow
thoas darn holadays

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