The Picnic (Part 2)  

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5/13/2006 6:41 am

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The Picnic (Part 2)

The conversation continued. I wanted to know about her suddenly having sex with other women. By this time Anna and Suzie were letting down all of their barriers. Anna said that she loved kissing Suzie's tight ass and flat stomach. Suzie was telling me that she loved Anna's new boobs, and went on about how she could lick, suck and play with them for hours. Just then Anna took of her shirt and asked, "Is that right?" Suzie leaned over and took a handfull and began to nurse her nipple. Anna started to pant and reached over and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. Right there in the back yard we started undressing each other. My brain almost expoded when Suzie climbed onto the picnic table and spread her legs for Anna to dive right in. Anna looked like she was a master at cunnilingus, the way her tongue was driving Suzie wild. Anna was bent at the waist, with her face burried between Suzie's thighs. I moved behind Anna, pleased that her hips were positioned perfectly, I easily slid into her drenched pussy. She stopped eating only to look back at me and let out a moan. I could only stroke a few times before I felt like I would explode, but that was to early for me. I pulled out and walked to the other side of the table where Suzie's head was. She reached out and guided my cock to her talented mouth. Suzie stopped and turned over into a doggie style position so she could properly suck my cock. I couldn't take it. Just watching these two women enjoying each other and Suzie expertly sucking Anna's juices off of my dick pushed me over the edge. I told Suzie, "I'm gonna cum," not wanting to do anything that she didn't want. To my pleasure, she sped up her rhythem and I blew up in her mouth. My legs almost gave out below me. Like on cue, Suzie and Anna got up. Anna took my hand and walked me inside the house and said, "Oh, no you are not done yet." A day that I will NEVER forget.

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

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