Going Away Party Part II  

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Going Away Party Part II

"More. Please. Let me cum." "You'll cum all right baby. You'll cum with my cock deep inside you."

I pulled her hips to the edge of the desk and placed the head of my cock against her love tunnel. She was so wet my cock entered her easily, gliding to half its length in the first thrust. I pulled back, luxuriating in the feel of my cock against her velvety smooth insides. I pushed forward again, repeating the process of slowly driving my cock into Ava's cunt. It only took three strokes to plant my shaft inside her. I stopped for a moment, enjoying the feel of my smooth shaven balls in contact with her smooth lips.

Ava's eyes stared up at me with a strange hungry look. My wife might not think that there was a slut in every woman, but I'd sure unlocked the whore in Ava.

"Fuck me hard." Her voice was hoarse with lust.

I didn't need any more encouragement. I drove my cock in and out of her body, relishing the wet sound my balls made when they slapped against her ass. The harder I fucked her, the more she begged for me to give her more.

"Fuck me till I explode" She ranted in between hoarse gasping breaths.

I plowed into her savagely, fucking her like an animal. Within moments, I felt her pussy spasm, clutching and milking my cock as she climaxed. Ava thrashed around, bucking
against my hips as her orgasm washed through her.

I might have let her rest with the one orgasm for her scrap book, but I didn't. "Time to roll over," I told her. My voice sounded cruel and nasty. I rolled her over and put her feet back on the floor. She was bent over my desk, her hot sweaty breasts pressed against the varnished wood desktop.

I drove my cock into her gaping hole without any preliminaries. Pulling her hips back to meet mine, I picked up where we'd left off. My thrusts made her grunt as my cock hit her cervix. I could feel my balls shift and tighten but my own climax was still too far away. I parked my cock deep inside her while I caught my breath.

"I want you to cum in my ass." The blatant statement made my cock twitch. She reached
behind her a spread her ass cheeks, showing me the slick rosebud of her anus.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the clock. 7:30. The Ava that lay on my desk wasn't the same woman that had walked into my office an hour earlier. The first woman had looked professional and focused; she had come to my office asking for my help as a colleague. The sweaty whore that lay face down on my desk was asking me to sodomize her. My how time can change people, I thought.

I rubbed my juice-slickened cock around her ass, lubing her with her own juices. I pressed the large, round head of my cock against her puckered rosette.

"Unnhh. Go slow baby. I want you to fill me with your cock." She lay still and relaxed, inviting me deeper inside her.

I slowly worked my cock inside her tight nether passage, pausing often to let her adjust to accommodate my thick shaft. I could feel her loosen up, her muscles gripping my cock as I pressed it into her. Finally I worked the entire length of my pole into her ass. Ava, impatient for more, thrust her hips upwards.

I slowly built up a rhythmic pace, thrusting slow and deep. I held her hips and drove myself into her depths. The feeling was completely different from fucking her cunt. Her pussy was slick and hot, expanding to allow my cock entrance. Her ass on the other hand, was tight, grasping my cock. The increased friction drove me wild. I was getting closer and closer to my own climax.

Ava must have felt it as well. In between grunts, she chanted filthy words, urging me
to cum in her ass. "fuck, fuck, fuck. God I want to feel your hot cum inside my ass. Give it to me. Cum inside me now."

She had loosened up to the point of being able to push her hips back to meet my thrusts. My balls slapped against her slick, swollen cunt lips as our bodies met. I couldn't hold out any longer. My balls tightened, sending a spray of hot, thick cum into her ass. We groaned in unison, the release we'd sought finally at hand.

Still spinning from the force of my orgasm, I ran my hands across her back. I trailed my fingertips along the base of her spine. I could feel her heartbeat through my cock, still buried in her ass. She propped herself up on one arm and looked back at me with a smile.

I stepped back to allow her to get up. My shrinking member slid from her with a pop. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. Our sweaty bodies stuck together. Pushing a wet strand of hair out of her face, I tried to think of an appropriate thing to say. She must have been thinking the same thing because we ended up laughing at each other. After all, what do you say to an almost total stranger that you've just had raw, animalistic sex with?

"Thanks for the farewell party," I managed at last. Tilting her chin up, I gave her a
last, light kiss. "Good luck wherever you go."

"Oh I don't leave until next Saturday. I'm sure I'll see you before then."

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

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