Body Shots (Part One)  

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6/7/2006 2:08 pm

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Body Shots (Part One)

The weather was beautiful last night so I decided that I had to take the bike out. I called my friend Trevor and asked him what he was up to. He said that he had no plans so I suggested that we take the bikes out to the new bar over by the college campus.

Trevor laughed and said, “I know what you are hunting for. I’ll be right over.”

I always get a little jealous over Trevor’s bike. He went to New York and got a customized Road King. It has chrome everywhere and custom paint. Trevor is in high end real estate, so he can afford it.

It was getting late so we jumped on the bikes and rode straight to the bar.

Just as we pulled in there were two beautiful women walking out of the bar that stopped in their tracks to watch us pull our bikes into parking lot.

I nodded to Trevor and he just gave me his famous Cheshire Cat grin.

I couldn’t believe how hot these women looked. They were both tall and thin. One had long blonde hair and small perky little breasts, the other had severely short black hair and looked like she was going to rip her shirt with those big beautiful boobs.

As we took off our helmets we saw the brunette whisper to the blonde and they started to walk over to us. We found out their names. Rachel was the blonde and the brunette was Kate.

Kate started the conversation by telling us that it is dead in the bar, but they were going to Rachel’s house to have some drinks. Kate told us to give them a ride over and we can help them start a party.

I looked at Trevor and he was already handing Rachel his extra helmet. I handed mine to Kate and she asked “Do I have to wear this, I love living dangerously.”

I put my helmet back into my saddle bags and I started the bike back up. Kate climbed up behind me and squeezed up tight. Her firm breasts felt so good, pressed against my back.

I looked over at Trevor and he nodded as if knowing what I was thinking.

It didn’t take long before we were riding up the driveway of a very nice house back in the woods.

Kate and Rachel ran ahead and got into the door as Trevor and I admire the view of those tight little asses.

Once inside Rachel grabbed a bottle of tequila and said, "Hey, let's do some shots!"

"I'm game," Kate chimed, “but I am getting out of these jeans.” She ran to a back room to quickly emerge in a baby T-shirt and short, short silk pajama shorts. She jumped onto the couch beside me.

After closer observation I noticed that Kate was no longer wearing a bra. I could just make out the darkness of her half dollar sized areola.

"I don't feel like getting shot glasses," Kate whined. I was about to offer to fetch them, but she held me to the couch. "How about body shots?"

I noticed Trevor suppressing a grin. The idea seemed to appeal to everyone.

The body shots brought on a lot of laughing, drinking and playfulness. All of us were buzzed, wet and sticky. We guys had our shirts off and Rachel had stripped off her shirt and was in a cute pink bra.

"I could use another shot," I remarked with a sly smile, and Kate pulled off her T shirt obligingly as I uncorked the tequila.

Comfortably topless, Kate admired her own svelte torso as I tipped another shot of liquor into her navel. She was so practiced at holding the fluid steady that we were all surprised when her belly convulsed, spilling the liquid down upon her silky shorts.

"Hey now!" I scolded. I grabbed her by the hips and carefully lapped up the remaining flavor from her belly. Once again, I carefully refilled the shot. This time I was sure that Kate had deliberately rolled her abs to let the liquor spill! We exchanged smirks.

"Oh, so is that how it's going to be?" I toyed defiantly. "I'll have my shot one way or another!"

Trevor and Rachel expectantly watched as I pulled the drawstring of Kate’s shorts and followed the taste of tequila inside. The arches of Kate's bared hipbones shone like beacons guiding me eyes to the thinnest tuft of black hair that now peaked out from below. To my supreme delight, Kate showed me nothing but signs of encouragement.

As I looked to the other couch I saw Rachel and Trevor kissing and petting. She straddled his waist and he was running his hands over her firm ass.

Kate's shorts slipped off her legs at my slightest touch. Luxuriously unfolding her naked body in front of her friend, Kate lowered the bottle of tequila once again to her own navel and let an icy deluge pour along her crotch. I dove at the invitation and pressed my lips against Kate's drenched pussy!

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Oh you got me wanting to have some body shots. Yummy, yum!


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