Three Cheers for the Religious Wrong  

hankim1000 48M
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7/21/2006 8:06 pm
Three Cheers for the Religious Wrong

Reading this blog or any other, you've probably encountered spamming by certain Fundamentalist religious denominations. Some of them are done by bots, some by hand -- give a child a crayon, and soon you'll be repainting. Anyway, I have to assume that those kinds of posts are meant, in one way or another, to drive you into the arms of God. But have you ever noticed the misspellings, grammar errors, and just plain bad English of these posts? Far from driving me into the arms of God, they in fact give rise in me to a couple of other thoughts. If these posts are "inspired," why are they so poorly written? And if God is working through you, couldn't he at least have taken the time to spellcheck? Either your god is not all-powerful, and your belief system is based on lies, or else you are not really working on his behalf, spammers. It's a lot to ask, I know, but -- think about it.

Feel free to flame me, attack me, whatever. It's much easier than having a civilized debate. Besides, based on what I've seen of your inspiration, I'll win hands down ;P

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