Diary Post #1  

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8/3/2005 6:54 am

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Diary Post #1

So begins the tale:

Speaking with friend on telephone, July 12, 2005 .
Talking of my desire for sex, discussing his experiences on Match and Alt. He suggests that I look at AdultFriendFinder.
I check it out ..
I go through some photos, can't see profiles due to nonmember status. I join as standard member.
Still can't see profiles, send a few winks...

July 13, 2005
Continue to view female members, send a few more winks..no action. I look at the numbers - roughly 11 men to each woman here in VT. Daunting numbers, but I'm not daunted.
I begin to receive a few inquiries - a male who says he's a female, a woman that sounds like a man. Another woman, I ask for a photo, never get a reply.

July 14, 2005
Join as silver member in order to view profiles.
For some reason, my Wink facility no longer works, I attribute it to firewall/adblocker conflicts, resolve to continue using direct AdultFriendFinder Mail.
I send out emails to prospective members.

My first response comes back !
A "Quick Reply" :
I don't think our personalities match.

Onward !

The days go by, I continue to view, and send email with Request for Photo, to female members.
Nothing comes back.

I'm frankly disappointed - I'm use to getting a fair amount of attention from females( and gay guys) when I'm out in public, yet I'm basically getting zip.
I wonder to myself " Is it that deal where they like tall and big men, and a man of my height is the male analogue to a fat woman ?"
" Perhaps I should have put a picture of my Johnson on there, and left it at that ?"
Oh, well....the numbers have to work eventually....

I continue to peruse the profiles, I receive "Cupid Matches" , I sift through them, I send out email where appropriate.

July 17
A reply !!
It's an autoreply from someone that I've emailed - it says nothing.

I never hear from her again. A big zero.

Oh, and did I mention that I got viewed by a member on the 13th of July, and one on the 18th, and there may have been one or two others in that period, but they either don't show up( but the viewing numbers rise) , or they showed up before, but somehow have mysteriously disappeared.

July 20

A Big Day !!!
I get an acutal real response from someone, that begins emailing, and sends a photo ! Incredible !

To be continued.......

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