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12/27/2005 4:07 pm

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I don't get it.

What is it about telling someone..."hey, if we spend any more $$$, I don't have what I need to live on" and them then turn around and spend without even telling you?

I'm dangerously close to saying "this marriage is over."

In route to work today, I ran out of gas. Not because I was being stupid, but because it simply wasn't there to spend. My "wonderful" (can ya feel the sarcasm? and if this keeps up soon to be ex) wife decided to go overdraw the checking account last week and not tell me.


This was after I specifically told her that once all the bills were paid and such, that (due to the holidays) we'd not have very much left in the checking account. Worse still, it was to fund expenses for her mother.

Patience, and one day at a time. But both are wearing thin!

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