Saturday night and what...  

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12/3/2005 3:36 pm

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Saturday night and what...

Well, it's Saturday night. Kinda bored, between events here...and of all places I'm sitting here in my OFFICE checking things out! I have a meeting to go to with a friend of mine about doing a new website for a group from over the mountain here (I live on top of one, if you ever wondered where Johnstown PA might be). Web design is a hobby and sort of a second job. It sucks being an hour early for the meeting though!

Feeling, well, contemplative tonight though. Feeling just kinda, is it all about running around, chasing the almighty dollar? Don't get me wrong, it's nice to get paid, but this is getting crazy. If there's one thing I'd RATHER be doing tonight, it's spending time with someone...specifically of the opposite gender.

I have some ladies that I've been emailing with, and must say the conversation is nice. I just don't want to be pushy or assertive though, because I think that'd be a turn-off to is with me. I just contemplate, though, what things COULD be tonight. Nice dinner, nice conversation, perhaps a little romance if that's where the night led to. Breaking out of the stone grey and asphalt of my civil engineering job, the circuitry of my website hobby.


My world would be different.

But I think I could handle that, at least for one night anyhow

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