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1/5/2006 5:17 pm

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Remember back in the day...for you "old fogies" like me anyhow...of making out in a car? How exciting that was, wondering "who's coming" and the windows fogging up a little, trying to find the right position?

I remember them, from the movies I never did that in High School...most of the girls thought I was a geek and I never had dates. Plus, I never had a car! But there is something thrilling about it to me.

It's that nervous anticipation of the first kiss...the awkward silent moment and thinking...hmmm, is now the right time? Will she slap me silly, or love it? Then you and her clasp hands, looking at each other. One makes a move...the other reacts to it with that anticipation of "yeah, let's go for it". Hands begin to roam a little, but not far.

I love that feeling. But one thing's for certain. Moments like that don't last long enough! And it's winter in PA...it's too damned cold!!! So, that said...find a nice fireplace, and dim lights, and two people cuddled up as absolutely close as they can get...just kissing the night, and the world, into a point of disappearance.


This is a moment to treasure though...the first one. I certainly do. But one thing I know...

The center console gets in the way in today's car!

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1/7/2006 4:33 pm

I would like to meet you. But I do not know how to reach you.

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