Context, context, context.  

hammertime887 44M
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4/7/2006 6:04 pm
Context, context, context.

Ahh for the love of context.

I was rather rudely surprised by something this evening. A story has apparently very quickly floated thru the Tri-State chat involving me and two other people (male and female) who I consider friends.

I don't have the details and am not going to share them here even if I do. But I am absolutely outraged

I searched, searched, and searched my brain to recall even making the comment attributed to me...and I can't find it anywhere. And I do have a witness to that fact. But I also know I'm a bit of a joker, and will say things from time to time that can be misconstrued.

To that deepest apologies if I said something taken out of context. I will cease and desist in talking to you if that's what you want.

But what I can't figure, is how did this even come about...because if I never said it...? Why attack them by using me and my lame comedy...tarnishing them and me at the same time?

I am searching for details...believe me...I need them here.

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