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halfmmmgoodnova 50M
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8/22/2006 5:09 pm

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8/25/2006 2:11 pm

My first

Well, as some readers of my blog know, my wife has departed for an unknown destination to work. The location is being kept secret to protect the readers. If I told you the location, I’d have to kill you.

I took my wife to the airport around noon and arrived back home at 3:30. Here I was, all alone except for our cats. I immediately searched for them and they were of course sleeping, unfazed by my wife’s departure. I then proceeded to clean up a bit as when one packs, they sometime leave a mess. After I got the living room and bedroom back in some sort of order, I sat down to relax. I checked e-mail and checked out what was on the tube. “The Island” was on and left the TV there. I know the movie sucked, but it had the lovely Scarlett in it (who is surpassing Jolie on my celebrity woman chart). I then proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa and then was awaken by the “Benny Hill” music that is now my phone ring. It was my wife and they cancelled her flight and she was going to have to get on a later one. I heard the panic in her voice but told things would work out and they did as a few hours later she called and said that she made her connecting flight.

After I was woken up, I decided to play some X-box. I could not live out the total fantasy as we have a temporary roommate, so I could not play in my boxers. She came home after I started playing and could tell she was a bit disturbed that I was sitting in a beanbag chair killing a bunch of aliens (I really like the shooter games, what can I say). She made herself a PB&J (even offered to make me one) and retreated to her room. I played some more X-box and then quit when I reached a place I could not get by (damn aliens). I then turned on the TV and went through the hard task of figuring out what to order for dinner. I settled on Italian and went to pick it up (short walk). Ate dinner while flipping from the news and the Simpsons.

The rest of the night was spent online and watching TV. I went on AdultFriendFinder for awhile and tried to find some interesting live videos but most were filled with very bored looking people not doing anything exciting. Because my night was such a thrill a minute, I went to bed at 9:30!!!!

So, why such detail on such a boring night? To prove a point to all those people out there who think things would be great if they were suddenly alone. Being alone sucks when you are not used to it. I’m not saying my wife and I were glued at the hip but our lives did include each other. It is sad not to have someone to make dinner for or to make laugh with my dancing.

I know in time, I’ll get used to all this. I’ll find some people to go have a drink or bite with and will do some exploring on my own. Most of my friends are boring and live far away (in DC miles), so not a good option with then. There are lots of things I want to do in DC that my wife did not, so need to get out and do them.

Not meaning to sound so pitiful, but it just sucks right now. I’m good at adapting and I will get through.

On the plus side, I got out and ran today and got my new NetFlix I ordered.

XJackinyourBoxX 42M

8/22/2006 7:15 pm

Even what sounds to others like a boring night might be a good one to some. I've been on my XBox the last couple of days and I'm watching tv now. I know this is the calm before the storm and soon I'll have a lot of things to do, both intimate, and social.
Enjoy the downtime.

absolutelynormal 56F
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8/22/2006 10:09 pm

I hate being alone very much. I was a wife and mommy for many years and when all that was gone... divorce, kids grown, I found myself lost. I am still lost but have gotten better with a lil help from my friends. My daughter is comeing home from college in a few weeks and I am not sure how I will handle that! No more sitting in my chair blogging in the buff!

frangipanigal 44F
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8/23/2006 12:16 am

It's going to take a lot of getting used to (for both of you!)...Big hugs to you both!

Frangi x

ProtonicMan 47M

8/23/2006 5:35 pm

Hang in there. It does take a bit of getting used to, but life alone isn't all bad. As the Billy Joel puts it in his song "My Life,"

They will tell you you can't sleep alone
In a strange place
Then they'll tell you you can't sleep
With somebody else
Ah, but sooner or later you sleep
In your own space
Either way it's okay
You wake up with yourself


halfmmmgoodnova replies on 8/25/2006 4:07 am:
thanks...that is a nice poem for my deal

curious082385 31F
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8/25/2006 2:11 am

Yes, suddenly not having that person around is hard. Always seem to be harder then you think it will be to.

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