Fly the friendly skies  

halfmmmgoodnova 50M
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8/29/2006 5:17 pm

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8/30/2006 3:40 am

Fly the friendly skies

I think next time I’m in a foreign country and I want to go home before I get arrested for some crime, I’m going to claim I killed someone everyone knows so that I can get an all expense ride in business class and have prawns and champagne. Mr. Karr has found a great new scam not explored before. Let Uncle Sam fly you home...who knew?

What famous cold case could I claim? Hoffa? Wouldn’t work as I was too young when he disappeared. Of course, I’m assuming there would be a fact check of some kind. I know and this would be perfect as it would solve so many questions….I can claim I killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. I can say I did it because I idolized OJ and hated what she did to him. Who cares that I’ve never been to LA in my life or would have the first clue on how to find Nicole Simpson or probably didn’t even know who she was before she was killed. I’d even let OJ be the one to bring me in after all, he has been working so hard to find her killer. I could tell him to meet me on a golf course in some foreign country and he can say he tracked me down. You would like that wouldn’t you OJ? (come on, you know he has an ad on here).

Another possibility is that I could claim that the Queen of England and Prince Charles hired me to kill Diana and I drugged her driver so that he would wreck while fleeing the paparazzi. Sorry Charles, I had to confess (you KNOW he has an ad on here…have you seen his new wife?)

All kidding aside, I hope that was the last time this Karr creep gets to fly in his dorky short sleeved red shirt (designer I’m told). I hope they can get him for something to put him jail. He apparently made a statement about how he likes two of the five years olds in his class and how he saw their bare bellies. Lock this sicko up!!! Think of all the resources that were wasted to bring this guy all the way to Colorado and then deciding not to charge him with anything.

Put him in jail or lock him up in an retirement community so he never see another child again.

absolutelynormal 56F
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8/29/2006 8:29 pm

I'll have to agree with you, this guy is one sick person. I can only imagine that he was in the Phillipines to have sex with little girls. I'm not really in favor of the death penalty but in cases like this I really am. BTW, please tell the female portion of your duo that I said hi and hope that she's liking her new job Mac

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