A "sex" story  

halfmmmgoodnova 50M
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8/25/2006 5:54 pm
A "sex" story

As this is a “sex” site, I thought I’d write sex story today. I’ve made it local to Northern Virginia and it is written about meeting someone off this site. Let me know what you think. I know I have a good imagination but sometimes my writing does not always convey it:

We have been chatting on and off on AdultFriendFinder for a few weeks and we finally decide to be bold and meet. We decide to meet at On the Border in Tysons Corner on a late Wednesday afternoon. You arrive in a sun dress that goes to your knees. We sit at the bar and you have a colorful drink and I have a Mexican beer with a Tequila shooter. We sit for awhile and have idle chit chat. I light play with your knees. We both have a certain hunger in our eyes as we stare at each other. I suggest a movie at the theater next to OTB and you say “which one?”and I say “who cares?”

We walk over to the theater and pick a movie that is lame; and is starting soon or already started. We walk in the almost empty theater and go to the right back corner. I have you sit next to the wall and sit beside you. We stare at the movie for a second and then look at each other and immediately kiss…soft at first and then we start to kiss deeper, both tasting our drinks that we had in the bar. We both can feel the heat and excitement as we keeping kissing on the mouth, neck and ears. Your breath feels so hot and terrific as it blows lightly in my left ear. I get bold and start to slide my hand up your skirt. I reach your panties and can feel that they are starting to get moist. I rub the outside of them as I continue to kiss you. After awhile, I slide my forefinger under the material and probe the lips in search of your clit. I find it and start to gently rub it and you let out a quiet moan. I check the theater to make sure everyone is still watching the movie. One guy seems to be looking our way and I whisper in your ear that we have an audience. You tell me who cares and ask me to continue. I slide a finger inside you and fell how damn wet you’ve gotten. I slide it out and bring it to my mouth and taste your sweetness on my finger. You ask me to put my hand back there and I do. After awhile, I decide to get bold and slide myself on the floor and put my head under your skirt and slide your panties to one side and start to taste you and use my tongue to flick at your clit. You can’t believe this is happening but don’t ask me to stop. You cum and it taste so sweet. I sit back in my chair and you start to rub my hardness and then unzip my pants and stroke me as you blow in my ear. You lick your palms and continue you rub. I whisper that I’m going to cum and you stop and keep doing this pattern for awhile. You then whisper that you want me to cum but you want me to stroke myself off as you watch. I do it and shoot all over the floor. You rub you hand over the tip and get some cum on your finger and put it to your mouth and say, yum.

We compose ourselves and leave the theater and return to our cars. I take you back to your car and we smile at each other. I kiss you on the check and then hug you and start to get hard again as I feel your breasts against my chest. We both know we need to go and look forward to when we meet again.

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