Encounter #1  

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9/8/2005 12:48 pm

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Encounter #1

The sauna?s wet heat made time dilate. He was never late for their rendezvous; though she couldn?t stand the wait. With each passing second her anticipation grew exponentially. Droplets of condensation coalesced against the soft curvature of her breasts. Her normally large brown areolas were simply tight rippled edging for the prominent pink buds that had begun to throb with the pulse that was burgeoning between her legs.
He entered as he always did, with such silent grace she wondered if he had been staring at her though the mist for one minute or ten. She saw in his eyes conflicting both reverent worship and carnal thirst. She spread her knees slightly, revealing to him the source of her own yearning. She watched as his gaze drifted downward to the dark and swollen rifts of her desire and his own fleshy member became rigid and engorged with lust.
She closed her eyes as a wave of ecstasy overtook her; one hand clutching her breast the other reaching down to stoke the fires of her own lust. She instead found him buried there, his tongue lashing out at her and driving her to shuddering edge. The reveled in the baby-soft smoothness of his shaved head and pulled him forward, pushing his mouth further into her wanton cleft.
The fingers of both of his hands deftly sought out and traced all of her most sensitive places as he continued to worship her lovely nexus. His electric touch was feather gentle but unmistakably intense. A new shock-wave gathered within her and instinctively his tongue was ready, finding its mark in perfect unison with her orgasmic crest. Spiraling backwards over precipice, her vagina gushed hot liquid in furious spasms.
As the colors and sounds of her inverted universe settled back to earth, she realized, after long moments, that he had departed; leaving her with out the closure of feeling his fullness within her. She smiled in her sylph-like way knowing what their next encounter would bring?..

MsLoveRose 33F  
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9/13/2005 7:09 am

wow...i would be like a animal ready to pounce on my prey....LOL...make me feel out of this world...then leave...thats tease...borderline torture!!! lol

good story though...next time ..im sure she wont...let him get away!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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