Celebrating the World Cup au Naturel...  

hairymammasita 48F
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7/18/2006 6:47 pm

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6/21/2007 8:02 pm

Celebrating the World Cup au Naturel...

As you all know world cup playoffs have come and gone... and ITALY was the big winner

A good lover-friend of mine, Chris, a Russian hunk whom I had met about 2 years ago from Telematch (that's his cock pic by the way on display) promised to "celebrate" Italy's win with me I had been waiting and longing for another night with Chris... since he is often very busy and has personal issues which makes it hard for him to get away. So when he promised me an afternoon of lust on a hot July day to celebrate World Cup victory, I couldnt be more proud to be Italian. And, I couldnt wait to remind him that we Italians, are not only amazing players in soccer, but can be incredibly amazing players between the sheets as well

Chris called me the afternoon of July 7 and we made arrangements to meet at our usual love nest a little motel in the north end of Montreal. We had met about 4 or 5 times before, and each time was more intense than the last. What I love about Chris - what turns me on the most about him - is his unsatiable desire or craving for pussy - aside from his dark tall handsomely rugged looks, his young (26) year old large body and his delicious 7" Russian sausage between his legs. Now being a lover of oral pleasures myself... you can imagine the afternoon we were about to have.

Upon entering the motel we lock our lips hungrily, tasting each other with our tongues as our bodies press longingly, tightly against one another. We exchange sweet words on how we both are, and how we missed each other, etc. etc... but we both knew how much we wanted to get it on.

As we are deep kissing against the wall, he feels the big curves of my breasts and squeezes them gently, moaning gently as he revels in their size and beauty. He rips my top off and as I stay with my bra before him he comments "Oh I miss the twins " LOL (he loves my twins

I giggle as i continue to massage his hard ass and pushing him towards me. He massages my ass as well as my heaving breasts press against his now bare chest.

Within minutes we are both naked and Chris decides to take a shower.. since he had just finished work. I immediately ripped the blankets off the bed and made it ready for our eventual vertical love session.

As he came out of the shower his towel wrapped around his waist.. I waited for him at the edge of the bed - my legs wide open and mouth waiting, lips licking mmmmmmm the moment i've been waiting sooooo long for. I motioned him to stand before me and as i pressed my tongue and mouth against the hard bump behind the towel i can feel his cock getting rock hard. I teased him with the towel, rubbing his cock, grabbing his ass until he started moaning loudly. Then with my teeth, i snapped on the towel and took it out, revealing 7" of beautiful hard Russian meat mmmmmmmm I got to work right away... Licking the length of the shaft, sucking the balls... both in my mouth...and then letting all of his manhood deep in my mouth.mmmmmm. He tasted so delicious. I was so hungry for him.. and so was my wet pussy.

After sucking him for a good 30 minutes...he told me he couldnt wait to taste my Italian juices. He gently put his hands on my shoulders, practically prying my mouth away from his cock and threw me gently on the bed. He lowered himself and kneeled before me. As he gently licked and kissed my hard nipples, he let his thick tongue wander down to my thighs... slowly and gently. I was going crazy with anticipation. I couldnt wait to feel that hot tongue flickering across my engorged clit and lapping up the sweet italian sauce between my legs.mmmmmmm. As i felt the first touch of his tongue i arched my back and let out a deep moan mmmmmmmmm damn does he know how to suck a cunt! mmmmm he just licked and sucked my pussy so hard and good....grabbing my ass as i twitched and moaned... I pulled his hair ... grabbed his ears.. mmmmmmmmm pushed his head deep inside me. Damn i'm getting horny just thinking about it LOL.

After what seemed like eternity in heaven we decided to Fuck. So I got on my knees... pussy juices dripping from orgasm.. he pounded me over and over in and out of my love tunnel....mmmm we fucked good and hard. He was slapping my ass, pulling my hair..as I told him to fuck my cunt harder ... mmmm my sweet 26 year old Russian lover was fucking me good..... celebrating our sweet sweet victory... Life couldnt be better at that moment LOL I told him to keep fucking me as I opened my legs wider opening my love tunnel for him even more as he kept pounding me...until he came.mmmmmmm

Both of us exhausted, hot, sweaty and beaming with orgasmic bliss, we rested a little on the sweat drenched sheets, just looking at each other resting. It wouldnt be too long before we start over again... but this time just enjoying each other orally - enjoying a hot 69 -before we finally collapse with exhaustion and happiness.

We lay on the bed speechless and motionless our bodies too tired but our minds filled with excitement.... we were the victorious ones that hot July afternoon.

alex_200mm 56M
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7/19/2006 10:21 pm

Mmmm, Mama...

that encounter sounded pussy-lickin' good! LOL

Alex xo

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