My trip to dublin  

hairylegs074 29M
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2/8/2006 5:47 pm

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12/7/2011 12:22 pm

My trip to dublin

It all started after i came home from an prety uneventful day in Derry. I managed to get home around well probably 11.30 or so in plenty of time for my 1pm bus .. i ran home with some supplies though for the house .. bread,milk etc. and to pick up my bag for staying over .. got a litlle carried away on here before i left and well just made my bus as it was pulling out .. bus was pretty scantily clad with people .. the usual stereotypical bus goers .. the guy playing his rock music the older guy on the phone complaing about the journey hes gonna have to make the elderly eyeing you up and down fearing you might just wanna sit with them for a lil banter or something .. i spotted the whole back row free and decided to lay there and pull out the hoody i took for a pillow .. i liad it out and rested my head upon it .. the bus came to a sudden halt . another late comer .. i watched her apparently never-ending legs walk up the aisle .. she sat the row infront of me wearing her tight jeans .. i could see her red thong sticking out the top a lil . . she read a book and after a while noticed me eyeing her up a little .. half sleeping .. day dreaming a little .. was pretty much hard by now .. she noticed .. obviously found it quite amusing to lie down in her chair too .. with her low cut top and her breasts popping out . she wasnt wearing a bra i noticed when she lay down .. this brought more attention to her already erect nipples .. she caught me sitting up so as to get a better view down her top , glad i did so .. she joined me .. when asked what i was reading i told her the . . "the world according to garp" so she replied by stroking my hard on ..

rm_wetjo3 36F

1/11/2008 9:19 am

jesus... thats the best story i heard in a while.... so how did it end??? hope ur still in contact with her!!!

domandginger 60M/60F
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5/9/2008 10:40 am

last time i read tha tbook,, nothing exciting happened to me!! ehhehee
maybe it was cos i was sitting at my own kitchen table,, Dom away to work,,
should I take it next time on a bus!!!???

hairylegs074 29M

9/1/2008 7:30 pm

that is one hell of a book ginger .. i think you should join my book club

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