and just when you thought it was safe.....  

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1/5/2006 3:58 am

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and just when you thought it was safe.....

Today is december 31. It is new years eve and i am so looking forward to dumping the past year and beginning anew. this is jen's year. No exes in the way or lingering bullshit. today i will work a half day, and spend the evening with this way cool dude. no romantic hassles, just hang. As i open the front door to greet the last day of the last bad year of my life...I NOTICE THAT MY FREAKING TRUCK IS NOT IN THE DRIVEWAY.....SHIT.

Okay, so today has shown itself, in infancy, to be yet another bad episode of lifetime television starring Jen. The police were called and report taken, i think. I got lost when the Travis county cop said, " No maam, stole is when theres glass in your driveway and your veeeehickle is gone. this here is just unauthorized use. Head spinning, I call work to report yet another Never used excuse for being late and ask them to inform the first client with whom i had spoken less than an hour ago, to confirm appt time, that i am unavoidably detained.

By the time i get to work, i am irritated, crabby and in no mood for bullshit when it dawns on me that my client is the mother of a very special client and i had quoted a rediculously low price for a service that was corrective--loosely translated that means that it could take all day and we guarantee no results at all and you cannot sue if you are not happy--and of course, unreasonable. This woman had played kitchen cosmetologist for the last time. If i couldn't be compensated fairly, she would remember this day, rue it, and never let this happen again. she had lightened her hair to the point that it was just shy of clear. clear hair.transparent complete with the look and feel of cotton candy. fabulous. I was in Hell...without the benefit of sunblock. if this was not bad enough, it would take at least two applications of color for anything to hold, the client informed me that after all of the work to force the clear hair to hold color, she wanted highlights done....light ones. Am i the only one seeing this as ...let me think of something original.....STUPID?

It was clear to me, as the day went on that my p.o.s. roommate was guilty of not only leaving the drugs in my truck the week before, not moving when asked, not paying bills or rent, stealing my christmas gifts while i was in jail for his dope, and moving his girlfriend into the house, so now i was supporting three, he has now graduated to grand theft auto. he will never be charged with this, however because there was no glass and i knew him. Surely there was a way to get past this.......alcohol?

It was good to see M at the end of that day. I was headed to my kitchen where all was good at all times. We stopped at the grocer and the liquor store, and headed to the lake. When we arrived at my home, the front door was locked. My keys were with my truck, wherever it may be. Roommate copped to taking it but not telling where he left it. He was a total ass to me and my friend, because i gave his name to the cops. Hello, you did take the truck. I cooked a magnificent meal and as the clock neared midnite, we headed for the water. thinking back now, upper deck would be more appropriate, as with the burn ban, there was nothing to see. We returned to my house, listened to psycho roommate be rude some more, and I, of course, passed out immediately.

I opened my eyes to January first at 4pm. How that happened is beyond even me. I went to the kitchen, threw together some breakfast, and put the roast into the oven for dinner, and just lazed about the house. Nice.....After dinner, we left for M's place. I wanted to be in town tomorrow when I rose early and started calling the cop shops to find my truck. I had a lead! The roommate said..."cops got it" I saw no need to confuse the situation by trying to figure out what cops or where. I would call them all. As we were preparing to leave my place, i noticed some tissue paper from the bathroom on the microwave, and picked it up. Inside was an Ulta gift card, from xmas. this card had been taken and returned to me three times by the roommate who constantly blamed his girlfriend. what is the big deal with the ulta card? I had left my purse on my counter in my kitchen in my home.....what an idiot i am.

M lives in a nice complex. Problem is he is the consummate batchelor.He did not need a maid. He needed a wrecking ball. it was okay, though, On Monday, i would find my truck and all would return to fucked up, which is always better than totally fucked. I rose early on Monday to start calling cop shops. They were closed. yessirree, the police departments were closed on Jan. 2. unless there was blood involved or fire, the police were off duty, and you couldn't leave a message, that was full. oh. my. god. I was stuck.
this was fine with M. jen is a cool chick and she cooks.

On tuesday am. i called in to work to let them know that i was taking care of my truck, Big beautiful Leander had it, and i patiently awaited the call from the officer who would return it to me. Yay! To my shock and dismay, all she did was ask questions about the roommate, and tell me that my truck was evidence in a criminal investigation and would not be returned until they were done investigating. at this point, i was furious and decided to go fisticuffs with the phone. what he said to me is surreal at best, even to me. While i am not a practicing catholic, i cross myself when i know that there could be a striking by the big guy. A little prevention and all of that.....

Roommate told me an amazing story. He said that he went to "help a friend" with a job, but the friend had been awake too long and the owners of the home they were burglarizing showed up and they attempted to bail out a window. Roommate knew he would not get away, so he ripped off his sweat shirt and returned to the scene of the crime as a witness and loitered about two hours filling out a police report using the name George Miller of Georgetown. It is official. I am afraid of the roommate. What else is he capable of? Hell, he has stolen christmas from the woman who provides him a roof.

My truck is now in jail. In possession of controlled substance, all of my keys, and other things that my truck should never see. You would think that in light of this evidence, my possession charge could be dropped. It isn't. i am drowning in beaurocratic red tape. it looks to be double sided tape, too. The police do not have to return it to me until they are done with their investigation. I am officially a woman on the edge. the edge of sanity, reason and reality. My lines of right and wrong are blurred and obscure. the law is on the side of the criminal. The only constant here is that the laws are not on my side. Good, bad, or indifferent, I am still on the wrong side of the law. the lesson here is crystal clear.......


caj12367 49M

1/5/2006 8:11 am

I thought I had a rough week. Good luck getting it together.

fun4me6474 56M
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1/5/2006 10:33 am

wow...i thought i had bad luck...i now feel fortunate. life just ain't fair sometimes...let me know if i can help...joe.

DfwMan2006 57M

1/9/2006 10:35 pm

any new material?

jim5131 55M
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2/14/2006 12:54 pm

You have GOT to get away from the crazy people in your life. These people ruin the details of a day...then you realize that the details keep bigger things from happening...or cause bigger things to happen.

I'm right down the road from to me.

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