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hahaha894 34M
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5/27/2005 11:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

re: ladies

i haven't gotten a respose from the ladies.....what's up....

nightstogether 56M

5/28/2005 1:04 am

Perhaps because no one knows who you are yet, since your profile is under review ...

private-intellectual (.de)

rm_jayR63 59F
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5/28/2005 8:24 am

Maybe because of the tone of your profile. Try re-writing it, add a bit of intelligence and humor.

As it looks now, you'r'e just another horny teenager.

rm_Gypsyludar 49F
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5/29/2005 4:43 am

Hi there "just wanna fuck"!

Well I must agree with jayR63 on this one! You could be gorgeous but, if you have the personality that says "your just another roll in the hay!" and/or "let's get 'er done!" Well I venture to guess that your odds increased as far as NOT getting any! It's all in the approach sweets!! Be a really nice and attentive gentleman at all times (ok most times-lol) and then if it gets that far,...attempt to ruin her for any other man by keeping the things that are important to her, important to you!!! DFig me?


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