the mysterious man in the night club  

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8/21/2005 2:36 pm

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the mysterious man in the night club

you are in a night club out with your friends one night . and you are havin a great time , but you see this man in the corner and you know ya have been eyein him all night long . but he's so alone that he doesn't qite know what to do , and yet he is the most kinkiest person but know body know. you know he has been seeing you alnight long and he wants to get to know you but he's way to afraid to come ask because he thinks that hot women are way out of his league. but you know you could get away with any thing . what would you do to him? by the way the pic is in the profile if ya dare to get a pic in ya mind of the type of guy if ya like it then why not let him know ?

rm_Kinky_Ang 47F

8/21/2005 7:42 pm

I let my friends know that I need to do some exploring! (with an extra drink in my hand) I make my way across the room, Checking him out as I approach him as he stood in this dark corner, noticing how nervous he got as I approached closer... brushing up against him as I hand him a drink and ask him how is your night going and how lonely it must be over here in the corner by yourself! I mention how hot it over here and take a piece of ice and start rubbing it down my neck, chest, and finally my cleavage tilting my head feeling his eyes on me. I suggest that we grab a secluded booth he smiles and agrees.....he begins to talk to me a little bit about himself as he is sitting across from me in the booth..I slide my heel off and slide my foot between his legs catching him by surprise I can feel that he's semi-hard and getting harder as I massage his cock with my toes up and down......all I could think was how I want him to submit to me in every possible way!

slipperandwet 55M/53F

8/21/2005 9:50 pm

the mysterious man in the night club
woman, when they know that you are not approaching they think that you are not interested.
and if there is no confidence to approach any kind of woman..( hot or not )..We would not be interested at all.............sorry

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