This coming week  

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4/15/2006 10:35 pm
This coming week

So I'm in Chattanooga visiting family ... Monday I'll be free so I contacted an old lover of mine to see if he wanted to get together while I'm in town. He was so happy I called him. He is the cutest thing and absolutely positively great in bed. He is a small framed guy but with a big cock and a perfectly formed body. He has long hair and is super interesting to talk to and hang out with. We are friends and lovers although I haven't really talked to him since I moved away from Chattanooga except a couple of e-mails. He is also about 15 years younger than me and is an absolute sex addict just like me.

On Wednesday I'm going to Birmingham to meet an old client/friend/lover from when I was in California. He is having to do business in Birmingham so he invited me to drive over ... expenses paid. He has the most gorgeous and biggest cock and I love to suck him off. He says I'm the best at sucking his big cock. He is a very generous friend and I'm so looking forward to spending time with him.

I may be moving to Austin temporarily and am hoping to hook up with some guys and gals there. Also need to rent a room ... would be cool if I found a lover who had a room for rent!!!

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