Part 2 of SexyDisaster's Challenge  

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Part 2 of SexyDisaster's Challenge

[post 381527] From SexyDisasters blog....gosh think I botched your handle again but I got the main part down.....well this one is from my lil sister.....short and sweet.....and she's awesome and my closest friend next to my Eddy. I only altered where she used my I did from the last one by my I gotta get the balls to see if Eddy will write something....though that thought scares me so I keep putting it off....I should be getting two more to put up here as well....I think so anyways.....

"L" you are a no-nonsense sort of person with humor built in. No one I know has a kinder heart than you in spite of what you have encountered in your life. You are beautiful inside and outside and your smile is your best feature. You laugh as easily as the sun rises and you speak your mind no matter who is listening. I admire all of what makes you, you. The vocalization part sometimes can seem over-bearing but you are just seeing and saying what we all should do. I adimire in you your honesty and no one could have a bigger, better advocate than you. You speak out in terms of people mistreating others...and no one makes me happier than you about myself!

sorry this is so late!!

Love ya always sis!!!

Well as I said short and sweet and I love her right back....she is also one of my biggest advocates in life.


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