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6/26/2006 9:25 am

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More about me

Thought every once in a while I would add some facts of my self on here as I have been in a funk and really have nothing to say on here but depressing stuff.....

1. I love the oldies music.

2. I am a cutter.

3. I love to pick at things.....when ppl I know kids' have lice I am the one who can sit there for hours and get all the nits I can find....pimples and blackheads too.....doesn't matter as long as I can pick.

4.I love to read.....just about anything.

5. I love playing games of all sorts.

6. growing up I was a bully....still can be if need be.

7. When it comes to fashion I like to be different yet trendy or unique.

8. I have a lil over 2 years sobriety.

9. In 2003 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and a million other things wrong....all due to alcoholism.

10. I suffer from about a half dozen mental
illnesses....and take no medications for them.....well not anymore.

11. I am the type of person who reads about side effects of meds....and 9 times out of 10 I feel at least one of those side effects.....mostly a mental thing.....sometimes not.

12. I love turkey and chicken.

13. i used to chew my nails down to the nub but for 2 years or almost I haven't, but the damned things are still short.

14. i like to wear plain old bikin style panties more than a thong or a g string.....I like comfort over fashion or whats considered hot.

15. I was sposed to be born in August and on the sonogram I was male.....surpise...i was born in mid September and a female!

16. I love to do my hair different all the
time...braids or curls or straight up or down....just got a thing with all of that.

17. I have never been married...but I would one day like to be married.

18. I once broke my ankle and once broke my foot.

19. i have an older sister and a younger sister and an ex step brother....once your family your family for good.

20. I like to play sports footbal or baseball are tied as for what I like the most.

21. I am from MN but I like the Packers.

22. i smoke....a lot...but to help cut down I started to roll my own cigs...not only did i go from 3-5 packs a day down to one but I also save a lot of monay as it now onl costs me about 30 bucks a month, whereas a carton is over 30 bucks....when I do buy cartons I go through 4 of them a needless to say I NEED to roll em.

23. I get migraines or tension headaches on a regular basis.

24. I love pop....I will drink it all day if i want but I do try to add some water in there to prevent dehydration.

25. I am a reality TV junkie....they can be good ones or dumb ones it does not matter I need to watch em.

26. I love CSI and Law and Order shows.

27. I love action/suspense kill em get em dead movies and books.

28. I have started to write three suspense novels.

29. I can write poetry....but i need to be in a MOOD to do so.

30. I love my life and am always trying to improve on it.

Guess thats all for now.....


rm_cru1972 44M
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7/1/2006 4:33 pm

How often do you get the migranes? you may be a cndidate for BOTOX shots. They help me. I get them every 3 mos

gypsy1629 41F

7/4/2006 1:00 am

glad my sharing was succesful.....when I am in my day to day life I remember small things of me that I can eventually post on here when I have nothing else to write about...... got another 30 or so coming up soon here to post.....thanks all of you for stopping in and catching a glimpse of me.....

cru....get migraines damned near every day if it is not a migraine it is a tension head ache.....either way I am usually always in pain and never heard of this BOTOX thing for helping with them so please tell me more hun.....although I am now researching into cranial plate shifting to see if that helps....recently had a MRI o make sure it was nothing more serious and so now I just need to get word from the doc....also heard this will be beneficial to my back pain hoping it is a go....


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