The Doctors Bag  

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5/17/2006 5:08 pm
The Doctors Bag

Ive been asked numerous times what I carry for exams. Ive decited to give it up. Let me start by saying I no longer use plastic speculums. The reason for this reason for this is cost. I now use only metal which can be autoclaved.The bag which I carry for exams contains:
BP cuff
otoscope/opthalmoscope set
reflex aammer
rectal thermometer
2 patient gowns
6 chux (absorbant pads)
1 box alcohol swabs
1 box exam gloves (latex)
1 bag with 1 doz non latex exam gloves
12 4x4 sponges
12 2x2 sponges
12 tongue depressors
24 long cotton tipped applicators
3 tubes surgilube
1 tube lidocaine jelly (2percent)
4 small speculums
4 medium speculums
4 large speculums
1 extra large speculum
2 retractor speculums
1 proctoscope kit (with 4,8,and 12 inch tubes and insuflator)
1 small anoscope
1 sz 0 anoscope
1 sz 1 anoscope
1 sz 3 anoscope
1 side opening anoscope
12 guiac test slides with developer
I also bring a small bag with scrubs and a lab coat.
This kit is just for general exams, I have several specialty bags for various procedures. I will list them here at a latter date as time permits. I hope this helps. this kit is the result of years of performing exams. for the beginner, some gloves, a tube of surgilube, and a couple of speculums should do. If you dont have access to an autoclave DO NOT use the same speculums on multiple patients. Plastic speculums can be purchased on E-bay and either left with the patient of disposed of after the exam. Be safe and have fun.

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