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The BEATLES influence is rubbing off onto me. It has to me those breakfast with the Beatles on Sunday mornings!

Anyway...YA YA I know this is an ADULT site but ha it's adult topic and that is for me the topic of influence of animals in ourlives. Some of you might call this having pets. So I have to add I have a long and rich history of animals is mylife.
Over the last several years this has panned out to housesitting furing the summer months, which has built lasting friendships. Which too lead to wonderful times of celebrating the holidays. I have know many great and wonderful dogs and cats etc. It has nothing to do with anything totally weird either. So if you maybe thinking such you have wrong idea!

So through the years this love has taken me to alot of places around the States, and even up into Jasper National Park in British Columbia. For I can't say enough about having spend sometime there. Although the time I would like to have spent there would be longer. Camping with Elk trotting right by your tent ROCKS major bigtime! Course then there was the male bull coming through in the distance so cool! The stories go on and on. Like the story of squirrel monkey at the Cincinnati Zoo who stole my lens cap, and then trot back to give it to me! hehehe

So in the wake of what seems like alot of loneliness in mylife, I have been thorughtly blessed with the learning knowledge of exploring nature, and the extensive photography there of to now keeping them alive in our hearts and memories.
It has lead to chasing sunrises to basking in the glow of watching the sunset. It's standing in the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying the morning rainy walks, or breathing in the Pacific Oceans waves for hours.

...So if your down and lonely take heart there is hope and encouragement for your my reader this day. I longing to see a cougar (mountian lion, panther, puma aka cat of one color) in the wild.
Totally dangerous yet totally cool. Each day is a gift onto it's own.

Whoa Whooooooooooooooooooooo

soft_n_tempting 42F

2/27/2007 5:31 pm

I also liked the "Beatles!" Still have some of there songs in my CD collection yet!

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