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2/3/2006 8:48 pm

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I waited in confidence, for I knew I had done nothing wrong. None of the evidence pointed to me. Your own admission that I would never hurt you solidified my defense.

My heart beated in anticipation for the not-guilty verdict that would free me to see you, hold you again, caress you. For you know it was not me that commited any of these crimes.

My soul sunk into a deep abyss as I heard those words. For I knew I would not be with you. That you had put me in a prison to protect yourself from what others had done.

Guilty, guilty, guilty echoed through the emptiness of my heart. It was not true, yet my sentence I have received. I can not see you, touch you, love you as my heart says I should.

Why can you not see that I have done nothing to deserve this punishmet. Why must I be the scapegoat and receive the punishment that belongs to those who have hurt you.

I will not harm you. I do not need to be banished from you. This darkness you have shed on my heart does not belong. The light should be shining. Yet this solitary confinement you have given me remains.

Why should I be punished for the sins of others?

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