Five Senses followup  

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2/8/2006 6:43 pm

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Five Senses followup

About a week ago I mentioned that I was going to work on making my interactions with people more complete, using as many of the senses as possible. This last Friday I forced my self to do just that. Things have been busy (power out, plus starting a CNC programming class Tuesday evening, along with my normal 48 hour work week and 2 1/2 hr round trip commute) so I am just getting around to blogging this.

Friday night I went to karaoke as usual except my mind was different, having consider the 5 senses. I just so happened to have bought a new dress shirt and slacks so I figured I'd wear them to be more pleasing to the eye. I shaved (I wear a goatee currently) part of my face, and put on the after shave to enhance the sense of smell. There were 2 particular girls who I had interaction with that evening that stood out above the others who I made a conscious effort to correspond with using as many senses as possible.

Girl-one is an attractive slim girl about age 30. She has long black hair with a widows peak. About 5'6" probably 120 bs or less. She has a killer body and is recently divorced. She is a regular but in the last year or so we have probably only said about 20 words to each other. The previous week I started to sing a song and she said it was a good song. I knew she liked this song, because everytime except one she has gotten up and danced to it, usually by herself. I told her that I knew she liked it and made a point to sing it for her everytime she is there. The song is "Give Me One Reason" by Traci Chapman. This Friday was not an exception. I got up to sing and the music started and she knew right away that the song was for her. She looked at me and sorta pointed straight at me, and then came out on the dance. I tried to make some eye contact between watching the words on the screen and watching her body move. She dances great, and has such character. She was sitting at the bar that night with a friend, I was sitting a seat down but moved up one seat. An older friend of ours bought her a soda cause that is what she was drinking (I guess he didn't realize refills on soda were free) and so she ended up with 2 sodas. I told her she would definitely need them both since she dancing so much. She explained to me that she was as passionate about her dancing as I was about singing. Later on her and her friend and some other girls started dancing, so I joined the group (girl two was in this group). About 11:00 pm or so girl one had to go. She thanked me for singing her song and as she was talking to me a reached out and put my hand on her forearm. She reciprocated by giving be a hug good night. After she gave me the hug I told her that when she is up there dancing, it makes me sing better. She gave me 2 thumbs up and mentioned something about teamwork. We had more interaction that night then any other night, and she had been going there off and on for about 1 1/2 years.

Girl Two is also an attractive gal, real pretty. Not sexy per se, but a beautiful face and body. She kinda looks like Pamela Anderson in her early years of Playboy, before TV. She is about 35ish. I have had conversations with her, and an occasional hug. When the group of girls got up and danced and I danced with them, I made eye contact with this gal. I also mentioned something about one of the drinks that a friend was drining and how it smells like licorice. After Gal One left, I started to leave but Gal Two ask me not to leave yet, that I couldn't leave until I sang her a song. Even though I had to get up at 4:00 am I agreed to stay. As she looked for a song I put my hand on her shoulder and let know that I wouldn't normally stay to sing a song for just anyone. (Of course my friend next to her told her that I was lying, and would usually do that for anyone) I later danced with her again, and at the end of the night I said my goodbye and she gave me a hug.

Both of these girls have been to the bar on a regular basis, but with each one I made a connection that I normally wouldn't have. I contribute part of that to the fact I envanced more of the senses. I sang for them (Sound), and made eye contact and dressed nice (Sight), I wore after shave and mentioned about the smell of my friends drink (smell) and I made a conscious every to reach out and place a hand on the shoulder or forearm (Touch). I think I may be onto something here.

PassionKisses4Me 44F

2/8/2006 7:59 pm

Mmmm sounds like a great evening...wish I could have been there to have experienced you with my own senses hehehe


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