It's a Beautiful Day, and High Gas Prices Kill Horniness!!  

gurlwonder69 44F
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4/28/2006 12:46 pm
It's a Beautiful Day, and High Gas Prices Kill Horniness!!

Howdy folks! Today is a beautiful day where I am, how 'bout where you are? I really should be out in it, or taking care of my house (I have a load of unfinished projects inside and out), but today I am here, on the computer with you. I was looking at schools and financial aid/student loan possibilities earlier, and may I say wow it's a bitch to figure out what kind of aid I should go for! So I thought I'd come in here and relax for a minute before I have to get back into the RW--home again then work until midnight or later. Hopefully earlier, though--I'm on work day number six and I don't want to offend any workaholics out there but it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!! The overtime on my next paycheck will be a great bonus, though, and will allow me to afford to fill my gas tank and eat too over the two weeks it covers, lol. God, I hate gas prices! They're killing me, they're killing many many landscapers, delivery drivers who use their own vehicles to work, and average Americans who cannot cut down on the amount of driving they do living on the same amount of income they had over two years ago! All the people out there who can afford the gas hikes with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh, you had better consider yourselves FUCKING LUCKY... and then consider that the man or woman who's pulled up behind you at the pump may be making a choice between putting enough gas in his/her vehicle to make it to work or eating for the rest of the week. When I think about high gas is, I lose all motivation for horniness--as a matter of fact I lose all motivation to do anything but vomit.
Which leads me to a question I think I'll turn into a poll: If you saw people protesting high gas prices at a gas station, would you join them or tell them to shut the hell up?

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