Sitting here and musing . . .  

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6/28/2006 9:47 pm

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Sitting here and musing . . .

The musings of a Gunslinger . . . real and imagined . . .

As I've somehow attained the age of 40, I look back on an adventurous and exciting life and ponder.

Ponder what was.

Ponder what is.

Ponder what may come.

The advice and accounts I record in this medium is for those who choose to take time from their lives to read it. Read and consider it.

It may offend or hurt. It may be too blunt or forthcoming, but these are my personal observations, as made by my eyes and processed through my mind and shared with you, dear reader, for your own processing. If your view differs from mine, feel free to follow behind in a posting, or, better yet, count to 10, backwards, re-read my words and begin the process of self evaluation and present it to others in your own medium.

I must tell you, dear reader, that this world is full of many things. Today we will examine a sampling of righteousness.

From the righteous in the eyes of all, to the righteous in the eyes of the individual, to the justifyers of twisted righteousness that causes hurt and pain to others. Sometimes they are different people with these unique righteousnesses and sometimes they are us, scrolling between the right and the self-righteous to the lawlessness with righteous intent.

My calling is to chase the worst of the bunch. The self-righteous pontificators, who wield evil in the opinions of all, but to the evildoer himself, he is most right. Just ask him.

But enough of my openig diatribe. Let's apply one of my life lesson to this website.

Dear reader, do you know me? Do you know your friends in the "chatroom"? Do you know yourself?

I've read hundreds of profiles of women and several profiles of men and find that many of them are clear misrepresentations of their true intent. Is there love on the internet? I'm sure there is, but not here. Not in these rooms. These rooms are mostly charged with the testosterone of men who can create a presentable personality to shop for their ultimate goal - - to get laid.

There are women here who advertise fun without strings, but when sampling this presentation, you quickly find that there are strings everywhere.

We all seek companionship. We all seek it to varying degrees and we work so diligently on our presentations, yet without being true to ourselves.

You sit in the chatroom and you find men dashing inside and immediately demanding a sexual encounter with anyone in there (gee, I wonder how A.I.D.S. gets spread around a community and a world?), you have banter back and forth between women with handles like "Getoverhererightthisminuteandfuk2day" bantering with "allyouhavetodoisaskbecauseifyoufoundmeimlooqn2getlaidrighthiseond" about anything but sex, even though their profiles show pictures that make a man lick his lips and hope and dream for their attention and affection and they're just having an innocent conversation wtih their female friends. You have trolls, geeks, freaks and the assorted crazies and good friends that banter back and forth with inside jokes that they post while talking on the phone to each other. And you have a few genuine people trying to get to know someone a little bit, to move them from this public forum and have them join you somewhere a little more private to further the true AdultFriendFinder experience - - "Find a sex partner NOW" I believe the ad for this site says in its' pop-ups.

So, I've made these observations and call upon you to take a minute to do some self evaluating and decide what you wish to accomplish when entering an AdultFriendFinder chatroom. Are you looking to socialize without sex? Say your hellos and move to an MSN chatroom. Are you looking to get laid? Present yourself openly and honestly to others in the room. If only those who are there with the true "let's fuck" AdultFriendFinder spirit, then all inside know why they're there. They can get down to the busienss of pairing up, in the room, or out.

Dear ladies, Mr. Right isn't in there. He's at your Church. Or at your bible study. Or at the grocery store, shopping for his kids, as he's a single parent. He's at the park with his kids. He's studying in the library. He's doing something else other than sitting in the chatroom of an adult "dating" site. Especially this one. This is a "hook-up" site. Or is it?

Guys, if you're trolling for a big score, remember, these rooms have deteriorated to AutoBot credit card porn dealers and women with sex filled handles and full-color photos of their most natural beauty, that just want to say hi to their female buddies and don't want to be enticed into the bedroom today. I don't know where they go when they're actually looking to be enticed, but the Adult Fuck Finder website is not their first choice.

I remember when I first joined AdultFriendFinder a few years ago, the site was more ribald, raunchy and hedonistic, and many seemed to realize where they were when they entered. In the immortal words of the many guests on Jerry Springer, I ask that you join me in a collective chant to the idle users of this medium -- "Go to Oprah!" "Go to Oprah!" "GO TO OPRAH!"

Let's right the wrongs of this once fantastic place and turn it back into the "meet" market it once was!

All in favor?

All opposed?

We'll count the votes in the future . . .

Until we meet again, make love with the passion of it being your last time ever, because in the world that is and has become, it may be just so!



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