Soundoff: Love, Lust, and our existing sick society  

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12/30/2005 8:13 pm

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Soundoff: Love, Lust, and our existing sick society

Love or Lust?

Which do you think is more powerful of the two? And how can you tell the difference? It is often very hard to distinguish.

"Love at first sight" is nothing more than lust with a more palatable name. It is simply a bodily feeling, not a spiritual sort of emotional connection. It can indeed cause someone to break bonds of love for another person, and in fact has had a rather significant impact on world history, consider Helen of Troy and Monica Lewinsky.

That's why I don't believe in such nonsense as "love at first sight." You haven't known the other person long enough to know a damn thing about them! They are simply very pleasing to look at, which temporarily stimulates the emotions.

Love, in my view, is a deep mutual connection between two people who make each other feel good about themselves and thus greatly enjoy each others company. (There's usually quite a bit of lust thrown in for good measure, provided the people in question are sexually compatable.)

However, that is only my view, and to each his own.

It IS entirely possible for a person to be in love and/ or lust with more than one person at a time, because feelings are feelings, and you can't really control them, in reality feelings pretty much control you. Therefore, if a person develops strong feelings for another while already bethrothed to a third, (husband, wife, b/f, g/f etc.) why should that person try to stifle or surpress themselves, EVEN IF (especially if) they still have feelings for their original spouse?

The best reason I can think of (granted, it's not a very good one,) is that today's society still looks on those "alternative lifestyles" with scorn. A woman who has two husbands, one legal and one emotional, may be thought of as "easy", "loose" "a whore" etc. even though she is no more so than her accusers. On the other hand, a man with multiple wives is congratulated! He may be compared to Bringham Young, but generally speaking no one will accuse him of anything. Many young males may think of this as an ideal circumstance, particularly if the women are bisexual.

But, what should one expect from the world where sex is still offensive, gays are oppressed, and people are (although increasingly less so, i will admit) expected to deny their animal instincts, and still subscribe to archaic "morals" and "family values."

Religion is totally to blame for this, but that's another matter entirely.

My point(s) is/ are thus: It is hard, sometimes impossible, especially early on in a relationship to diferentiate exactly what you are feeling. I have yet to actually say "I Love You" to any of the girls I've dated because whenever I DO say it, I want it to mean something, not just be a term thrown around quite freely.

Whatever you are feeling, let the emotions flow at all times, except when they get in the way of doing something important. Even the bad ones. They will at least make you appreciate the good even more.

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