The Adventure  

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7/27/2006 2:44 pm

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The Adventure

We meet at a dive bar just outside of Austin. You're in a demanding mood, stressed, horny and wanting release. You wanted me to play a certain role and get some attention - so for your pleasure I've decided to wear my black spikey sex boots with the four inch heels, the illegal mini-skirt which always makes you wonder what I have on underneath and a tight black spaghetti strap top that accents my breasts and shows my nipples. I smell like a warm vanilla sugar cookie that you can't get enough of and my lips taste just like the icing. You smile as you drink your fill of my attire and wonder what I have in store for you.

I approach you and you wonder how the hell I can walk in those heels but the thought leaves your mind and I reach up and place my arms around your neck, slink my body right up against yours and proceed to devour your mouth with mine. Oh the kiss ... that heated warm all - consuming kiss that gets the blood roaring in your head, that gets the stomach and all things lower clinching and makes me rub against you till I know you are as delighted as I.

We head inside and pick a small table in the corner. We order a drink or two and your hand never leaves my thigh. You're circling, circling and wondering what's underneath. I know what you want. You know I do. You're so impatient and I laugh. I get up and walk to the bar. You're watching me. Your're watching my tattoo and wanting to pull my mini-skirt down further. You know the rest of the bar is watching as well and it excites you. I lean over the bar to reach for those extra napkins and slowly turn to watch you. You have a view of exactly what is underneath that illegal mini-skirt and so does half the bar. You laugh. You know me so well. It's not what you are expecting. I've surprised you again. It pleases me. I stroll back to the table (afterall that's all one can do wearing four inch heels) and we proceed to finish our second drink. My hand is on your upper thigh and my fingers which have a mind of their own are teasing you. You feel yourself getting even harder and my fingers are itching to pull down that zipper for more hand action on your throbbing member. I lean in and start nibbling on your neck and you know what I'm asking for. A playful neck bite and suck and I stand up, smile and head to the back of the bar.

I stroll into the womens bathroom (a one-stall room) and you are right behind me. You pull me against you and proceed to devour my neck with your mouth while your throbbing cock is pushed against the back of my mini-skirt. Your hands slide down and lift the mini-skirt revealing your evening surprise of my polka-dot thong with the cute little bow in the back. You discard it immediately and your pants are lowered so your hard delicious cock is nestled in my ass. You pull up my top, turn me around and immediately start sucking voraciously on my breasts causing my nipples to get so hard and making me squirm in delight. Your hand reaches down to lightly stroke my clit and you find me so wonderfully wet. You know what you need and you've been waiting all evening. Your cock is pounding for more and you open me and push yourself in and capture my moans in your mouth. My hands are all over you as you pump and pump and rub yourself all over my g-spot. The buildup is tremendous and you can feel me wanting to bear down so that those waves of pleasure can take me away. You push it further, you reach down to touch my clit a few extra times and the waves can't be held back. We explode in endless shudders and feel our bodies gripping each other with intense delight. I lean in and give you a soul-touching kiss that confirms the passion and excitement between us. We clean up and exit and head back to the table.

We finish our drink and decide to head on out. We laugh. I know what you are thinking. You're insatiable. You're wondering about that wonderful blowjob I promised you out in the car.
I smile.

rm_Imontheedge 56M
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7/27/2006 7:51 pm

My dear you really write some hot material. I've read several of your stories lately and the always inspire my member. I'd love to meet you sometime. Your hunger comes out in your writing and I find that intriguing.

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