Oh so wicked  

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7/30/2006 11:40 am

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8/1/2006 3:48 pm

Oh so wicked

You're waiting for me on a bed naked. I entert he room. I'm not quite what you expect me to be wearing. You're surprised. You look down and see those oh so sexy boots just hiding under my low-rise jeans. You're wondering what else I'm hiding. I smile. I take out the silk ties and and in a few steps I'm at the bed and tying your hands to whatever is around - perhaps the headboard if one exists or perhaps something else.

You are surprised again - you wonder what I have in store. I lean over giving you a heated devouring kiss and whisper something in your ear as I give it a bite. You smile. I turn around and shimmy out of my low-rise jeans as you watch. My slinky black panties are revealed as they ride up my butt as true hipsters do. I turn around and unwrap my shirt to my slim tight corset that has my breasts pushing out. Ahhh then I lift my hands to pull the hair clip off. You're mesmerized.

I walk over and straddle your chest. I smile in that oh so wicked way I have. I lean in and start on your neck. Mmmm... your skin is intoxicating to me and I have to bite, suck, nibble and lick every inch. I need more so I slowly work my way down. Oh I know how sensitive nipples are and want to see you squirm. So I'll reverse my position so my panty clad bottom is just above your face and out of reach. Then I'll lean over and start slowly licking your nipples till they are tight, then I'll suck them into my mouth working them until I'm satisfied they've both had my equal attention. My journey has only begun. I can ense you staring at my panties - you see my tattoo and the panty strings in the back. You want to lick but you know I won't let you. I'll tease you but you'll only get my inner thigh.

I'll reverse back my position so my panties won't upset you any longer. I can see the hunger in your eyes. I smile in that oh so wicked way I have. I'll start licking my way down as my panties have decided to have a mind of their own. I know I'm wet and I know I need some rubbing. So as I lick my way down your side - I'll let my panties feel that throbbing dick just waiting for my attention. Oh it feels so good. I know I want it but I need to be patient. I'll look up and slowly untie that little lace bow holding my corset together. I'll slowly release the corset so my breasts are free and the corset is history. Your staring. I smile. I love running my breasts over your skin and as my mouth gets closer to your hips bones my hands are already stroking your balls and just below. My mouth reaches your balls and I lick and suck as you I know only I can do. But I'm so hungy and so impatient, my panties are wet and my mouth has a mind of its own. I lick my way up your cock and under and slowly slide my lips over and down. Mmmmm. I'm warm and wet. My mouth is moving up and down and the sucking sensation is overwhelming. My hands are caressing your balls and under and I'm itching to play with your anus and slide my finger in and out. But I don't want you exploding in my mouth yet. So I slowly withdraw - and remove my very wet panties. I smile in that oh so wicked way I have.

You have that look on your face. Like I'm playing with fire. So I'll let you play with my nipples and appease that fire. But I'm hungry and want more. I'll shimmy up and I let you savor the sweet and salty flavor of my clit. I'll be moaning in delight as your licks and sucking bring me to a quick orgasm but I want more. I'll shimmy down and devour you with a heated kiss so I can taste myself on you. Oh it's so good. So I'll straddle you now - either front or back and slowly lower myself on your throbbing cock. Oh so slowly you'll be stretching me as I lower myself. The fullness and pressure is intoxicating. I'll slowly rise and fall till the pressure increases and my pace becomes more impatient. I'll rub my clit against you till I feel like I'll explode. A few more up and downs and my back will arch till I bear down and the waves of pleasure consume me. Mmmmmm... but I still want more... so now I have to untie you.

betacamdiver 60M

7/31/2006 2:05 pm

WOW! Such a tease!!! If you want to bring it to life...let me know. I'm here for you!

rbatxluvr 46M

8/1/2006 12:38 pm

Hello Guilty! I love your mind and where it goes when it cums to pleasure......I can be any role you wish and I have a few of my own in which you would be great in.....Why dont we make some of our own, are you up for it....contact me I would love to get to know you

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