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7/17/2006 11:38 am

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My New Toy

She licked her lips and stared. Such a simple design, such a feminine color and supposedly so erotic. She wondered if it was true. She turned it over examining every inch and curve and delighting in the thoughts of all it could do. She caressed the soft feel, the bumps and the ridges and she couldn't help but squirm a little as images of naughtiness seduced her mind.

It had been awhile and she knew she was aching for pleasure, any pleasure. She had no porn to help her out and knowingly would have to remedy that but ...she had her toys. Her marvelous special little toys designed for and by women for their extreme sensuous delight. This one looked ...hmmm... interesting. It reminded her of a very special wishbone. Maybe one that would fulfill all her wishes or maybe just her many wants. It would be the first for her ... this special type of self play. Another experiment to see just how much her body could enjoy. She didn't think she had limits but it was time to put it to the test.

She was alone. She stripped off her clothes leaving her delightful push-up bra on and nothing else. She knew it would come in handy for her solo activity. She grabbed her tube of lube and to her astonishment realized it was empty! Geez .... too much recent vibrator activity had depleted her store of natural lube. Nuts. She thought quickly ... ok ... and found her stash of flavored goodies she had been saving. She pulled out one of the flavored lubes. Strawberry delight. No one would know... she laughed. Well ... better not sit down on a park bench after this or else some ants may find me tasty. She placed some lube on each part of her pink wishbone toy till it was covered. She licked her fingers ....hmmm not too bad. Very sweet. Then she started positioning the toy. It was quite flexible and could be bent and curved for all sorts of positions and maximum sensation. She wondered exactly which position she might enjoy the most and guessing she opted for something with a little hook in one and somewhat curved for the other.

She layed down and slowly positioned her toy below. She guessed as to how one goes by inserting such a device and decided feel would guide her. She slowly started inserting the device first one prong .... ever so slowly and then the other prong. The back prong needed a firmer push to get past her rim and she gasped when she felt all the bumps and ridges sliding inside. The sensation was quite intense especially towards the front near her rim. Wow. She slowed her pushing and felt the exquisite sensation of the foreign object creating an inward pressure in a place not accustomed for such. Sigh.....It was in place and she felt so .... so full. Whew ... she took a moment to just relax and feel. Oh this was going to be so good, she thought. She wiggled it around for a bit to see exactly where it was massaging. Oh yes ... this was going to be ever so good.

She folded the cups of her push-up bra down but kept the bra in place. Enough to expose her pushed together breasts. She knew in doing so ...from prior play periods that she could reach both nipples with just one hand. Her little secret. She slid her hand down .... down till she reached her clit. She was already slightly aroused from thinking about how much fun she was going to have. She rubbed her clit slowly, teasingly, softly at first till she could feel her muscles start to pull on the great large wishbone. Then she lowered her hand to the wishbones handle and turned the knob. Oh .... those vibrations. She tensed for a moment in sensual delight as the vibrations in both prongs took over and she adjusted. Her hand reached back up and started the teasing play on her clit and the area around the cleverly crafted vibrator. When she knew she was fully aroused she moved her hand back to the handle to start playing with slowly removing the vibrator. It was sheer mindless delight everytime the vibrator came close to removal. The nerve endings in the rim were quite sensitive and would cause her nipples to contract sharply. In and out she moved that pink toy and she thought she might have found a slice of heaven on earth. She moved her left hand to her nipples and started rubbing as she slowly inserted the vibrator into position. Her body felt like it was being played with a wonderful instrument. It was quickly becoming a very very favorite toy. When the sensations were starting to make her whimper she moved her right hand back to her clit. It wouldn't take long now. She was so so so close as her muscles were grabbing that toy and giving it a firm squeeze. She rubbed her clit so lovingly and more firmly as her left hand squeezed her nipple.... she could feel the build-up. As she massaged she started to squeeze her nipple harder just shy of painful and then it happened, her orgasm tore through her causing her to whimper out loud in delight. The contractions pulled both parts of that amazing little toy compressing each prong as she shuddered longer than she knew possible. The shudders occurring so rapidly she arched her back as her body went on convulsing automatically. Pleasure so intense she was left out of breath. After a few minutes of the most mindblowing orgasm she had experienced to date (with a toy) .... she just layed quietly. She ever so slowly pulled out that beautiful pink wishbone and stared at it. Oh yes she thought ... you were a keeper. When she knew she could feel her legs again she got up to attend to the necessary cleaning. Afterall ... everything was quite wet. While she walked (or hobbled) to the bathroom ... she stopped at the armoire and turned the knob on the digital video recorder to stop. Something to savor for another time.

shyguy898989 52M

7/17/2006 4:29 pm

OH MY GOD I'm still trying to get a handle around the image you have created in my mind. Incredibly sensual, sexy story - I loved it!!! I can't wait until the sequel...

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