sex as code  

guilford2006 68M
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4/5/2006 4:32 am
sex as code

i am probably the last guy in the world who had the thought dawn on him that sexual activity is a fair barometer of the relationship itself. rule out physical infirmity and real world circumstances and the sex seems to indicate the level of other modes of intercourse. people at the end of relationships ain't gittin' it. or giving it. or, to my mind, giving it grudgingly and coldly, mechanically, is worse than none at all. becomes a petty and adds to a totting up of wrongs. what i never figured out is how to address what the nice and bland counselors said that in all mature marriages the sexual intensity is not able to compare with that of an affair. well, no shit. and i am paying for such a gem of wisdom?! what would be or would have been helpful is what to do about it. and i knew beforehand i would hear the highly unhelpful on history. well, here is the problem. the affair or the potential of all the untapped womanhood in the world is excitement itself. the unknown. some women have never heard the term "strange", as in "i'm gonna git me some strange." sure it's georgian redneck, but there is a small truth there. and it is hard to simply look away from the novelty-seeking. dunno. i'll think on it.

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