The beauty and power of a woman  

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10/20/2005 9:12 pm

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The beauty and power of a woman

The swaying motion of her hips;
The soft, sensual, and silky feeling of her lips;
The smooth and soothing, caressing of her skin;
To her core, deeper than I've ever been;
The sweet sound of her voice, echoing in my head;
Drowning inside every word, she's ever said.
Her eyes, see through me, like X-Ray vision;
Crashing my mind, straight into oblivion;
Her long legs, flowing like a stream;
Wrapped around me, make a grown man scream;
Her eyes roll back, and I think I know;
That I'm the one whose in control;
The curling of her toes;
The abundance of her moans;
Clawing at me, as she starts to explode;
She gazes at me, and smiles that smile;
We lay embraced for awhile;
She runs her hand down my body, and grabs ahold of my manhood;
Squeezes slightly as she whispers.."let this not be misunderstood."
"I may have given you my mind,body and soul."
"But don't ever forget, that I run the control."

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