just a week of fun  

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9/10/2005 6:51 pm

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just a week of fun

it all started on a tuesday night when we went on line to look for some fun and found this guy that the wife liked. so we had him come over for a night to meet and get to know everyone and in the process we got to have a nice 3 sum and it was going great we must have gone at it for about 2-2 1/2 hrs and then we took a break.
I had to get some sleep so I could get up in the moring to go to work/school so I went in to go to bed and the wife and this guy staied up to talk and watch some T.V and that was cool with me.
now my wife had been coming in to check on me as I was not feeling good also so she came in and was giving me kisses on my neck and all that good stuff.well it was about 4:30 am when I woke up to and did not find my wife in bed with me and it was very quiet in the house I thought they might be outside or had fallen asleep.

But to my suprise when I came out to the living room I found my wife on her hands and knees getting fucked by our new friend now mind you this is the 1st time she has had sex with another guy with out me knowing well I was kind of pissed off but I let it go and that night I picked up my wife from work and found out that she had done this cause they both wanted to.

So later that night I went and got this guy again and he came back over so that we could all talk and then the 3 of us ended up fucking all night and to make along story short she got fucked by one or both of us this whole week.

then last night we went to go check some friends and just hang out and to our suprise our friends did not go out like they had planed so we all ended up having some great times all 5 of us 3 guys and the 2 ladies it was so good that we have planned to do this again next weekend hope it goes has good as last night I know my wife will love the way our friends make her CUMMMMMM.

rm_yigocouple 51M/44F
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11/10/2005 10:09 pm

Are you still married? We ask out of curiousity. It seems that you are over the jealousy stage. What has your wife done to get your load off? Sounds like she is a nympho. How about you, what gets you going? Great stories like this one does make the honor roll. It seems that you both have great friends. They seem to be the sharing type as well.

What can a wife do to let her husband know that it's my decision to play? Your wife must think that it is OK to have sex if her passion kicks in especially when the both of you play together.

I am sure my husband would be furious but since I know how to press his buttons I know he will behave. Like you said there's nothing to do but go back to sleep especially since I did not invite him to join. My guess is that she wanted some naughty time with your new friend alone. Maybe it was a spark of naughty in her to get her man. I am sure she is confident.

Great story of a woman's freedom.

How does she like having the both of you at once? Does she seem less wild? It seems that she likes her privacy too. She is lucky to have a husband like you. It also seems that you are comfortable around other men who are naked and do not have any hang ups--homophobic ones. I wonder if it bothers you to be so close to another man's penis and still play with her.

Well, it seems that both of you are hot and have your act together.

rm_yigocouple 51M/44F
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11/10/2005 10:12 pm

By the way, why are there so few photos of Guam couples on AdultFriendFinder?

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